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  1. People just don't like the idea of you buying a coveted collector's item to finance your iPhone. You can't really blame them.
  2. I'm new here and I think it's awesome how everyone can interact and have discussions with people that have almost opposite music tastes. Threads made just to slam certain bands are pretty lame/annoying though.
  3. I like it. A lot more orange than gold though. Either way I can't wait to get mine! What's the typical wait ordering an LP with $3 shipping? I hope I get it next week definitely because my spring break starts today and I need some new music.
  4. Thanks everyone. I also ordered Minus The Bear's Highly Refined Pirates on Gold, which I'm excited for. Your prices (especially shipping) are really great, so thanks! I can't find any pictures of it though. Is it pretty?!?!
  5. I just placed my first order with VC(!) including two of these: http://stores.channeladvisor.com/vinylhome/Items/spplp15r?sck=28774674&caSKU=spplp15r&caTitle=12%22%20Record%20%20Jacket%20SLEEVE%20with%201-1/2%22%20RESEAL%20Flap It says in the description that each pack has 10 sleeves, but the photo clearly indicates 100! I ordered two packs under the assumption that they came with 10 each... Right move? Edit: By the way, will 2xLP's and maybe even 3xLP's fit in these?
  6. I actually clicked a link on Wikipedia! I'm surprised this thread has been so inactive. Is nobody excited for this anymore?
  7. The best idea I heard was a clear 12" with splatter from all the colors on the front. This is exciting news btw.
  8. I was googling for places to buy Thrice records a while ago... I just recently stumbled upon this community and joined just for the fun of it.
  9. I don't have anything better to say... But I'd definitely not waste my 103rd on some useless kid like myself!
  10. This has me really excited. I hope it's worth it because I'm probably going to pass up whatever CD pre-order Thrice offers and wait for the vinyl release. I think we need a 4xLP box set with colored vinyl to correspond with the elements!
  11. The rest is... tostinos>easymac>ramen>fbr>your avatar, because it's freaky and i really, really don't like it.
  12. I got my As Tall As Lions pre-order from Interpunk today. I was a little disappointed to see that I got black as opposed to white because I pre-ordered it under the impression that they would all be colored. No worries though, colored vinyl never sounds better than black and it is a very nice sounding LP.
  13. I would probably trade a package of raman for Paramore's newest...
  14. So do we know for sure who is pressing it? More importantly, will it be available through VC's store?
  15. Where did you guys hear about a third press? This would be amazing! I missed the first two presses.