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  1. I need station and Geneva on vinyl.
  2. Interesting. I strongly prefer the Drumsound on version 2.
  3. Can’t find anything about the preorder. Sounds interesting!
  4. Thx! Wtf. I live in Germany and ordering from the UK is more expensive then from the usa... I ordered from vagrant. I wanted this for so long.
  5. Ordered the Opaque Light Blue Marbled. Hope this times it looks like the picture All other variants aren't my cup of tea. But why is Shipping via DHL to Germany so god damn expensive? 17,90 euros? Wtf
  6. I think the 40$ pricetag is a ripoff. Whats with these prices?
  7. No thanks, just too expensive. What about an EU version?
  8. It also says: „The Tracking will remain the same until final delivery.“

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