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  1. I have a double cassette of 52 Weeks I would sell. I know it's not a record or the album you're looking for, but just thought I would put it out there.
  2. Help me sell some records! I need to buy things for people! https://deadformat.com/collection/spencerwilliamson https://deadformat.com/collection/spencerwilliamson https://deadformat.com/collection/spencerwilliamson Willing to cut good deals and especially for multiple orders. I AM looking to sell my Rude Awakening collection and any offer will be considered for any record. Thanks!
  3. Will cut great deals for multiple orders! Looking to just make my money back on most of them. A few will probably be higher if I don't want to let them go as much. https://deadformat.com/collection/spencerwilliamson https://deadformat.com/collection/spencerwilliamson https://deadformat.com/collection/spencerwilliamson PM or email me if you're interested and let's work out a deal. Spencer
  4. https://deadformat.com/collection/spencerwilliamson
  5. Well in the article, it does say that it's being released June 12th, so I would imagine that yes, it's still set to be released then. Haven't heard otherwise. Pre-orders are supposed to launch this week, however.
  6. I would be stoked if it were only $60. I figure it to be more in the $80-100 mark. With The Lost Sea deluxe pre-order I bet it's about $20 more. Favorite Gentlemen doesn't put out the cheapest records, that's for sure. I also hope they throw in some goodies with the deluxe packages. (I would kill for some test pressings) Then again, who knows if Andy made sure it will be affordable. Either way, my money is all theirs.
  7. So ridiculously excited for this. Saw something about deluxe editions going up NEXT WEEK. The new single sounds great, and that's saying something because I was stoked enough on the demo version. Andy Hull is the man. Hands down.

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