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  1. My local store said MCIS was no longer available to order from their distributor. No idea who their distributor is.
  2. It was the plaidroom link posted earlier. Rollinrecs had them too.
  3. Scored MCIS and Siamese Dream earlier tonight at online record stores. more expensive than the last time I owned both but I’m pleased I didn’t resort to eBay. i miss 1996 sometimes. Tonight Tonight video played back to back with Bone Thugz’ Crossroads every hour it seems on the MTV Beach House…….ahhh….Ok back to the arguing.
  4. Back in stock at plaidroom as of 6:30pm est. edit—-gone
  5. What are you after? I’ve had plenty of people check their stores for me over the past decade here. I’d be happy to check my store
  6. RSD The Most Improbable Comeback book with live RSD Vinyl bundle /1100 featuring Pearl Jam, Billie Eilish, Metallica, Jose Gonzalez, Sir Paul, etc…. https://experiencevinyl.com/products/record-store-day-the-most-improbable-comeback-of-the-21st-century-book-and-exclusive-vinyl-bundle-by-larry-jaffee?variant=39806602969174
  7. Taylor has some fans man. Wow. That line was packed super early. got most of what I wanted but still looking for Kittie
  8. My store is charging $58 for the Chili Peppers. Wow. Other LPs look higher as well than last time. they’re not getting the RSD book/vinyl. If anyone sees one I’ll gladly buy it from you.
  9. My local target had a ton of Mondo’s Blade Runner Black Lotus today. Kind of weird seeing Mondo there.
  10. Hi, trying to track down a copy of this EP. Blue or black vinyl. Send me your price! Thanks.
  11. Yeah I didn’t search these out for years. Red Dead Redemption was the first one I purchased on vinyl. i like the atmosphere of some of these things.
  12. They should knock it down to $230 or something
  13. If this was $75 cheaper I’d go for it. I like about half of his stuff. This box is really really cool though.
  14. https://www.ebay.com/str/iam8bitofficial they may list some more. They threw like 10 or so up there this weekend. Currently sold out.
  15. Iam8bit has listed a few copies of Disco Elysium on their ebay store if anyone missed out. Love that soundtrack.
  16. I’ll wait for black. Hope it’s cheaper. Couldnt buy at these prices.
  17. ^^^^agree on Waterloo. It’s the big name but it’s not entirely unique. we used to go to ACL every year in the 2000s and early 2010s. So im not really an expert on the city. Never been to End of an Ear.
  18. Billy just went live on instagram to give out a bunch of details but one of my employees walked into my office at that moment. Anyone catch what he said? All i heard was it’s on sale Sunday at a yet to be determined time…
  19. Barnes & Noble did that to me once. “Hey sorry. Yeah we were holding it for you but my employee decided to buy it”. They held it for a grand total of 2 hours. I showed up right after that. Had my name on it and everything lol
  20. Id pay that this time around. Really excited for volume 2.
  21. This one i may actually buy. Hope the James solo set is included too.