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  1. got mine from amazon. really good condition. about to play it now!
  2. Really trying to track down a copy of this. New or used. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks!
  3. that's a great looking set. To make myself feel better about not buying it I picked up the autographed CD for $15.
  4. BUSY BEES is awesome. That has to be the next single.
  5. i ordered the vinyl. Hasn't shipped either. the autographed CD from newburycomics came in yesterday tho.
  6. i caved and listened to tracks 1 and 2 and they're both really good. I like "Bloody Mary" too but both of those songs blow it away. now i wait for the yellow vinyl
  7. the deluxe bundle was way too expensive for me. Love SSPU but it would have to be a legendary band for me to want a 3 inch piece of paper cut from his lyric notebook for $100. Just buy the autographed CD for $10 from Newburycomics. All the tweets i'm reading are loving this album so i'm still excited. I'm going to hold off until I can listen to the LP.
  8. i'm guessing this ships this week? It was $36 after shipping but it was tough to pass on the yellow vinyl.
  9. i'm definitely in for P.I, Melon Collie, and Machina. The new stuff is awful IMO. He never should've revived the Pumpkins
  10. picked up two copies of Empire Records. one to spin. one to trade.