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  1. recently— Magnolia Record Club. They have members only variants. Im not a member but i emailed them asking if a certain one would be sold to the public. They said the extras would be up “shortly”. Well it sold out in minutes. I missed it. Told them thanks anyway. They wrote back and said they were going to make sure that i got one. They had cancelled a few orders from flippers who bought too many. We tried to time it a few times where they’d add one to the store and theyd email me (it sold out everytime it was added). Finally we got it on the third attempt when they added five copies. They are amazing. https://magnoliarecord.store/
  2. May have missed the post here so forgive me but Outer Wilds went up yesterday at http://www.iam8bit.com incredible soundtrack if you like indie/ El Ten Eleven type stuff.
  3. Yeah ive never owned this on vinyl somehow. Seems like a good time to get a copy. i had a badass white pony shirt 20 yrs ago. My friend took it and never gave it back. Bastard
  4. Another reminder that we are old. but im definitely in.
  5. They added some more of the blood orange color yesterday. Gone by the time I saw it. Thats my favorite of the variants. Magnolia Green is very nice as well. i can blast Overseas all day long.
  6. Green and coke bottle clear both arrived today every pressing ive gotten sounds really good so far. Quality stuff
  7. Wow. I’ll probably pick that one up. Thanks
  8. When i was in my 20s and they hit the scene i really couldnt stand them. I can listen and appreciate these days. Maybe its the nostalgia for the times. I nearly saw them a year or two ago. He was on tour with third eye blind and the wife and i almost went. which albums have been out of print? The your hair is everywhere one?
  9. Thats crazy. I’ve never heard of Dance Gavin Dance but im 40. Test presses fascinate me.
  10. People are getting a little nuts for the variants, particularly VMP. I was going to try for all of them but jeez. Besides the one above i have orange/black swirl (looks red and black). Picked up creamsicle and then a coke bottle clear coming next month. VMP clear is going to be ridiculous for a while. Not going to bite on that. Magnolia i haven't seen come up for sale yet. Looking forward to this tour whenever its back on.
  11. It didn't arrive for release day but it's finally here....
  12. We were both wrong. Lol 12 test presses according to PortMerch. I had a question about my order yesterday so i also asked the inventory guy about that.
  13. Im sure Dreamsicle was at least 1,000? Im only judging by how many copies each store here received. Even the smallest store got like ten. the Magnolia one is cool looking. test press was 10 i thought but i could be wrong.
  14. Not sure when mine is shipping from his store. Im interested in hearing the studio version of Overseas.
  15. Yeah i’ve heard it doesnt sound great. Yet id still like to own it