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  1. I agree it is fun, I'm not trying to Get 100% audiophile sound. I listen to punk mostly so I'm not sure how good you need bad religion or the Menzingers to sound. I like the look of the dual.... But I don't want to invest a couple hundred bucks in something to have it crap out.... I'll flip a coin maybe?
  2. I'm not new to home audio or turntables. I've been using used mid-level turntables for the last 18 years. So new always huh? So having that dual restored would just mean it might crap out in a year or so, but those pro-ject TT should be good for a long while? I don't like the look of them or the having to change the speed manually. (Lazy maybe?) What would be the actual downside of having a dual restored by one of those people Who specialize in dual?
  3. So I am in the market for a new turntable. I was wondering if I should go with a brand new one or a reatored "vintage" modle. I have a dual 1229q that needs restoration, maybe $200 to make it like new. Or I could buy one of those new pro-ject turntables... I'm now sure which is the smarter investment? Any opinions? Thanks ding dongs
  4. I need propagandhi - failed states on red vinyl (Canadian variant) hit me up if you've got one to let go
  5. So anyone have an opinion of where these will be the least expensive? amazon? straight from kingsroad? I just want a couple that I don't have but don't feel so hot spending $25 on some of these.... thanks kids, and don't be a dick
  6. Howdy, I'm looking for how to clean everything on the white cassette, not the clear one. Any help would be awesome. Let me know if you've got one up for grabs Thanks!
  7. I started buying records when i was 16, so 17 years.... but I really didn't start collecting vinyl like a nerd until about 3 years ago. .... so three years.
  8. Awesome, I'll definitely pick this up! But I'll wait and see if RE puts it up

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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