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  1. Feeling like this one is going to be a long wait....no news from SRC
  2. YESSSSS, love seeing CB's initials. Any idea where they were pressed? As long as it's not from Rainbo or URP I'll be happy.
  3. Anybody get theirs and have a chance to spin? Wanting to know if I should temper my expectations or not.
  4. Want to sell this cartridge to somebody. It's already pre-mounted on a black headshell. It works and sounds great but am in need of yet another upgrade. If I had to estimate how many hours it has on it, I'd say somewhere around 40-50. If anyone is interested send me a message on here. $80
  5. Get prepared for disappointment, this is likely the 2008 WB mastering/press. The 2016 remaster hasn't been released yet.