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  1. I am still holding out for the Americas Hardcore double LP that BBB is supposed to put out this year.
  2. You can't go wrong with anything from Splattered, label rules
  3. I joined this board 8 years ago and have taken many sabbatical due to this hahaha, probably gonna spend most of my time in this thread.
  4. Hi, I still make videos, here is my latest one.
  5. I am following the hashtag #raidtheb9vault on Instagram to see other people's packages. I am waiting on the AN and Have Heart records to pop up.
  6. Got mine today, this is also my first post in here in years. I am very happy with this box.
  7. I am hitting up this tour when it comes to Ma. NOFX and Bad Religion in the suburbs!
  8. On a sidenote, can you activate the chat on the Yahoo app? Coukd be easier to get quick responses using that.
  9. Man, this place has really died off huh? Where did everyone go?
  10. Hey guys, I'm going to try to make the draft but we are supposed to be pummeled by a blizzard.
  11. Whats up guys? Im returning from a posting sabbatical. Anything new in here?