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  1. Just ordered the AWS record. I will order the Hot Water Music record tomorrow after I get paid. AWS is an insanely underrated band. I used to see them all the time when they were called Smakin Isiah.
  2. kyacrash, why the hate. The boots go marching in is a great record.
  3. Wow that place looks cool. I like how the walls are plain without any beer ads or anything on them. Next time I am on the West Coast I am def. drinking there.
  4. Travis, I have always wondered if distribution companies/labels contact you to buy product or do you contact them? Or is it a little of both?
  5. What do you do for work? It is interesting to meet collectors from all different walks of life. I am a day custodian at an elementary school. So, what do you do?
  6. + Its Friday +Cock Sparrer tomorrow +Punk Rock Bowling next weekend + BBQ on Sunday. + Work day is just about half over. +Looking at houses to buy, I feel like an adult + Worked a ton of overtime this week. Should get a good check just in time to go to Vegas. - I am tired. Pretty easy week so far haha
  7. This is what I am talking about. I ned the second FU's, SSD and the DYS record to complete my collection.
  8. Negative Approach still tears it up live. So good. I would be excited to see Floorpunch, Gorilla Biscuits, In My Eyes,The Rival Mob and Lifetime. Riddle, I think there are two Oblivions. I am assuming the one on this list is the the one from the east coast.
  9. Anyone going this year? The lineup is no where as good as last years but it's still a long weekend in Vegas so I will make the most of it. Any opinions?
  10. I bought this at a local record store the other day. It was on black vinyl. The weird thing is that the insert was really bent up in my copy. Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. They are prob being reissued because they are playing a reunion show in August. Driveby, They were/are from Boston.
  12. Found it through a link on the B9 board in a thread about the Have Heart 7".
  13. The Bars lp for $5 is a very good deal. don't sleep on it.
  14. I am going to order the package later. ( I am at work now). I will spread the word about this release too, I know I have some friends who would be interested in it.
  15. I will most definitely be ordering the Pinkerton Thugs lp package. I did'nt even know that this was coming out. Are you going to print shirts in XXL?
  16. The Best: Grave Mistake: Every time I order it is shipped super fast. He stocks his distro regularly and releases some really good stuff. He sends out Email updates on what will be coming in stock or what is almost sold out etc,etc on an almost weekly basis. If he is leaving on tour he updates everyone that items might not ship until he gets back. Grave Mistake is highly highly recommended by me. Bridge Nine: They are only an hour or so away from me so I usually get my orders fast. The only problem I ever had with them was a along time ago and it was cleared up fast. ( To date myself it was

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