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  1. I saw Smackin Isaiah roughly 4,000 times. I still call them that instead of A Wilhelm Scream.
  2. So you sold a record for less than what's it's worth and then they resold it for asking price. It just sounds like you are a sucker.
  3. The Paige leak was insane. Brad Maddox, who knew?
  4. If you guys dig an oi influenced hardcore sound I highly recommend the Crown Court Lp, holy shit!
  5. http://www.foxsports.com/mlb/story/the-baseball-word-reacts-to-dee-gordons-incredible-lead-off-home-run-092616 Pretty intense moment.
  6. Jose Fernandez killed in a boating accident this morning, bummer.
  7. I like that they altered the original art a little, it stops it from being listed on ebay as an " original press" which always happens when these type of records get the repress treatment.
  8. I actually liked the first episode, I fell off last season, it just didn't grab me like the seasons in the past.
  9. Just finished " Discos out, Murders in" Its a good, easy read about an L.A. punk gang in the late 70's/early 80's. the way they talk about murder is chilling, no care at all.
  10. Ugh, AN is one of the most overrated hardcore bands of all time. Damaged is a #1 record and Pinkerton is better than the Blue album. I am jamming my opinion on topics from the last 3 pages into this one post.
  11. The Redskins looked good last night, can't wait for the rest of the season!
  12. Anyone one heard the new Vanity record. Is it even out? Who Knows?
  13. I have the original press and an original Lower East Side 7" :: nuts flexed::
  14. If you can, hit up the Norwood Ma store, they have a huge vinyl section and tons of used stuff. I have pulled some gems from that spot.
  15. I watched the first season but didn't even know that seasons 2 and 3 existed. Gotta have to catch up with this.
  16. They sounded great both nights, absolutely crushing. Ozzy does move slow tho but hes an old man, he really got into it both night tho and it ruled.
  17. I saw Black Sabbath twice in 3 days and every second of it ruled.

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