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  1. I really liked the show a lot but I have to admit that I though the ending was a little "eh". The end of the case seemed like a Disney movie.
  2. Im in, I cant post a picture because it seems that I am blocked from posting links or photos, whats up with that?
  3. The characters are weak, the writing is laughable, the musical guest scenes are cringeworthy. You guys ever work in a tour? The characters playing the certain roles don't fit at all. It's like a car accident, I don't want to watch but I will.
  4. Dig the new song but do I really need to drop an additional $25 for an LP of " riff origins".
  5. Dig the new song but do I really need to drop an additional $25 for an LP of " riff origins".
  6. Dig the new song but do I really need to drop an additional $25 for an LP of " riff origins".
  7. Check out Armageddon records, its right by Harvard. Its owned by a dude in Dropdead so it carries mostly punk/metal and hardcore. After that go to Charlies next door and drink cheap beer while eating a hot dog.
  8. Thats code for "I met someone else"
  9. I have watched every episode of this show and I honestly don't like it. It's like watching a trainwreck.
  10. I live in Ma, you guys don't even want to know the level of anger that this is going to create.
  11. I am willing to bet we see Fin tonight on RAW. I have friends who went to the NXT shows in Lowell and Rhode Island last week and was told both ruled.
  12. I was a fan of all his singles and the Purple Rain LP. I don't know a lot of his deep cuts. I was bummed when I heard the news because my wife is a huge fan and it would have been nice to go see him with her. I think I am reaching the age where a whole bunch of people that I listened too or watched on T.V. when I was a kid are going to start dying and that's a shame.
  13. I know, I work at a school too so the kids are going to go nuts when they see me. To be 100% honest, I do look completely different.
  14. I watched the last 4 episodes yesterday and really liked them. I have always hated Chuck, he's been an asshole since day 1.
  15. I shaved off my beard and hair on Friday and I am hiding at work because I don't want to have the awkward " you got a haircut" talk at work.
  16. I enjoyed this episode, it laid down storylines for the rest of the season, I can't wait to watch!
  17. Josh Norman is a Skin, let's see how this works out.
  18. Narragansett is like $9 at Fenway, what a joke.
  19. Piebald is playing in August, teenage me is pretty pumped.

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