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  1. Any U.S East Coast or Canadian people pumped for the DS-13 reunion tour in May?
  2. Mac Sabbath are playing here tonight, I want to go really bad but I probably won't, let me know how it is if you go.
  3. To be honest, I have only gone twice. I didn't even know they sold vinyl until I had to kill some time and went in a few months ago. Also, a majority of the $5 records are probably worth about 50 cents so they are still using the price gouge model.
  4. I really want to see this, looks like my post work movie has been picked out.
  5. The FYE in the mall the next town over from me has all the used records priced at $5. Would you like a photo?
  6. I have no idea what's going on but I have to admit that the phrase "Safe space" annoys me to no end. I have been known to be an asshole and if you don't like it, ignore it. Way too much pampering going on in life.
  7. Watching a new show that on VH1, "Family Therapy". Bam Magera is on it, dudes messed up.
  8. Bronson Arroyo has a torn rotater cuff. Bummer, looked like he had a chance to make the Nationals out of camp.
  9. It stinks but not surprising. It's kind of like when D-Bry left, you knew it was going to happen but it still sucked when it did.
  10. I also know a guy who owns a small record store and was having trouble keeping some classic rock titles in stock. He went to FYE, bought about 30 records at 5 bucks a pop. Marked them up a couple bucks and put them on his shelves, they were all gone in a couple days.
  11. I have scored some stuff at the one in the mall here. They had all used stuff marked at $5.99 a piece. I think that's a fair price for an original Clash " London Calling". Do you?
  12. I also got caught smoking in the parking lot when I was 18. They threatened to call my parents and I just laughed, I smoked at home.
  13. I remember a couple times where I just didn't go to class. They would threaten me with a phone call hime, I wouldn't care.
  14. I'm am old man now and it really is amazing how useless High School was.
  15. Eh,Chris Long has lost a step. 4 sacks the last 2 years.Cooper has been hurt and lost his job multiple times. The draft pick is a plus.
  16. When I went to the A's stadium (whatever they call it now) someone had literally taken a shit on the wall on one of the ramps. Pretty much sums up that dump.
  17. Here in MA we have a crazy standardized test you have to pass to graduate High School. I am lucky it started the year after I graduated. I remember that I was, and still am , super against it. Just because you can't answer advanced chemistry questions it doesn't mean you are stupid and useless.
  18. The only dog I have in that fight is, that I have to admit, the stadium that the A's play in is the biggest shithole I have ever been in.
  19. Not enough room in the Bay Area for both teams maaaannnnnn.
  20. When I was in High School it wasn't cool to be punk. I was called a fag everyday and pretty much didn't hang out with anyone I went to school with. I was thrilled for it to be over.

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