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  1. To be honest ( and not to bash some teachers, I know some used to post here) I have not retained much from High School. I feel like beyond basic life skills, it's a giant waste. You will have your intelligence level ranked on how well you remember useless facts that will hold no bearing in "real life".
  2. I would have stayed out of summer school and enjoyed my High School summers a little bit more.
  3. Looking back at High School I wish I cheated more and got better grades.
  4. I bought a loaf of bread yesterday for the specific reason of making myself grilled cheese tonight. The thought of enjoying that grilled cheese will be the driving force behind me doing anything at work today.
  5. Grunge actually brought being an actual musician into the limelight, dumb hair metal was the most popular form of music before grunge blew up. We need a new "grunge" now to kill the plastic boring stuff coming out now.
  6. Next time anyone questions you buying records at a record store tell them to fuck off and complete your purchase.
  7. Jericho is older now and looks a little flabby but the guy does what's best for business, you can't deny that.
  8. Chandler Jones traded to Arizona,weird.
  9. I shit on what everyone likes because it's garbage but I take a bigger shit on Top 40 because it's bigger garbage.
  10. You are just all puppets of the corporate system, keep munching your pills and stand in line.
  11. Well it looks like Neville broke his ankle, another one bites the dust.
  12. A few years about The Mezingers were "Brand New" level on this board.
  13. I know, it just worries me when a bunch of guys are let go, they are not going to draft a full front line, ya know?
  14. I only blindly checked out a band once because of this board, it was The Mezingers. Immediately regretted it, band stunk.
  15. At my current job you have to be here about 8 weeks before anyone will even talk to you. The turnover rate is kind of high and no one wants to waste time getting to know someone.

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