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  1. isavedlatin54

    PO: Alexisonfire - Familiar Drugs 7"

    Song is a banger...anyone who says otherwise is bonkers.
  2. I tried the vnyl bullshit to see what it was all about. They were running a special; pay one month, get two. So I tried it out. Only got got one month, when I canceled it, it still renewed and I never got that one. Fuck that company. Also that #vibe garbage...this was the equivalent of my 15 year old cousin trying to reccomend music to me based on my taste. On a a relevant note, am excited about this.
  3. Yea...ordered with that quickness. Brother in law got me a gift card for TMR for Christmas..ended up only putting down 35 bucks. I’m in.
  4. isavedlatin54

    WTB: alexisonfire: Live At BBC Radio 1

  5. isavedlatin54

    WTB: alexisonfire: Live At BBC Radio 1

    bump, found one. just need one more.
  6. isavedlatin54

    WTB: alexisonfire: Live At BBC Radio 1

  7. Title says it all. Looking for Math Sheets Live At BBC Radio 1 would consider trades.
  8. isavedlatin54

    Fall Out Boy - Complete Discography Box Set

    I really just want to know how garbage FUTC and IOH sound.....
  9. isavedlatin54

    PO: toe "Our Latest Number"

    grabbed the /200 website glitched the fuck out looked like it failed...then I got an email confirmation. weird. we shall see.
  10. isavedlatin54

    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    went in to work late and was able to pick up a half/half today at End Of An Ear in Austin. They only had 13 copies. Also bought this dank ass pillowcase. the owner of the shop gave me this pin as well.
  11. isavedlatin54

    RIP - Caleb Scofield

    My wife was up in our home town and called me about the accident. she saw it. absolutely devastating .
  12. isavedlatin54

    WTB: Conan, Bongripper

    agreed. I actually ended up finding revengeance on discogs last night for 20 bucks. that split, I just can't bring myself to pay 50 bucks for it. I have most everything from Bongripper, trying to start conan which, as you said... is a process.
  13. isavedlatin54

    WTB: Conan, Bongripper

    bump. no one? bummer.
  14. isavedlatin54

    WTB: Conan, Bongripper

    Hey, I'm looking for this stuff. Bongripper/Conan - Split Any Conan Records. I'm aware some are still available, I'm just not looking to pay insane shipping from the EU labels.