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  1. Mine shipped on Tuesday and Canadian tracking still doesn’t recognize the tracking number. Should I be emailing someone? It’s shipping to the US
  2. Super fast... got Green Day and lost in translation. My bud got me the high on fire EP. got everything I wanted without leaving the house. NICE.
  3. Anyone still out? Looking for Green Day. My stores are out
  4. Honestly at the price point it’s at....not an insane complaint.
  5. I tried the vnyl bullshit to see what it was all about. They were running a special; pay one month, get two. So I tried it out. Only got got one month, when I canceled it, it still renewed and I never got that one. Fuck that company. Also that #vibe garbage...this was the equivalent of my 15 year old cousin trying to reccomend music to me based on my taste. On a a relevant note, am excited about this.
  6. Yea...ordered with that quickness. Brother in law got me a gift card for TMR for Christmas..ended up only putting down 35 bucks. I’m in.
  7. Looking for: BBC sessions Accidents 7” Aussie tour 7” Boiled Frogs 7” Death letter Death Letter Bonus tracks 7” Drunks, lovers, sinners, and saints 7” This could be anywhere in the world 7” Not worried about the variants. would consider trades.