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  1. First time I’ve ever bought a bundle from ETR..not mad
  2. Ooooo...this....this is not that good edit: ok I listened to it a second time and then Compared it to the OG...it’s leaps and bounds better... and it’s growing on me . I will likely talk about this release on my podcast
  3. Now available for pre-order! Neighborinos, we've done our very first run of vinyl records on special edition colored vinyl. Orders ship out Sept 10. We also have the brand new Flandeath Tarot shirt design available for pre-order. Links to pre-order are below. Howdilly Doodilly Vinyl - $25 - http://bit.ly/HdlyDdlyVnl Howdilly Twodilly Vinyl - $25 - http://bit.ly/HwdlyTwdlyVnl Flandeath Tarot Shirt - $25 - http://bit.ly/Flandeath I ordered using PayPal and it never charged me for shipping, so I assume shipping is included in the price.
  4. Super happy they finally pressed The Great Barrier Reefer. 10/10
  5. Mine shipped on Tuesday and Canadian tracking still doesn’t recognize the tracking number. Should I be emailing someone? It’s shipping to the US
  6. Super fast... got Green Day and lost in translation. My bud got me the high on fire EP. got everything I wanted without leaving the house. NICE.
  7. Anyone still out? Looking for Green Day. My stores are out