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  1. Been forever since I’ve sold or traded on here but hey, I’m looking to offload some test pressings taking up room. Im willing to entertain offers. Prices include shipping (add 10 bucks to change to priority) Hellogoodbye - S’only natural /4 $200 Allison Weiss - say what you mean 8/20 $90 (Jonah Matranga) onelinedrawing - Me and you are two /10 $70
  2. Ordered all. Crisis and watch out sold out while checking out. Dumb system to not pull them out of stock while they are in someone’s carts. But whatever
  3. Can confirm this album is a lot of fun and on par with every other release.
  4. I decided to send an email. First one was an auto reply second one stated that they are still packing and shipping.
  5. I’ll bet they show up 10-20 bucks cheaper anywhere else.
  6. Did I buy the three I wanted? Yes. do I hate myself? Yes.
  7. I’m sort of excited to see how this sounds VS my hot topic press...
  8. People on insta acting like this is their first pre order....Lawl.

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