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  1. Love the wheels on your record shelf. I hadn't even thought of it. How sturdy is it?
  2. I have this one too, but my b side sounds fine. The end of sugar is my only complaint with it.
  3. Well I'm glad I checked the boards today. Ordered. Finally the collection is complete.
  4. I wonder if they own Decomposer or A Band In Hope. I don't know if you would know or not.
  5. Dan wrote this album as a concept record. It's all fiction. It's about a man named Aaron West and it documents the worst year of his life. Dan wanted to try and write in the perspective as someone else.
  6. I'm down. I live in Dawsonville/Dahlonega area (I don't know if you're familiar). I think I was 16 or 17 during that show and it sure feels like it was longer than that. I do remember it fondly though and I helped pack up your trailer and then declined the offer to join you guys at Waffle House. Good times indeed.
  7. Nope. They're still open and kicking. They have some good shows come through there. I love it there because of how small it is. It's just a more personal experience. Granted I haven't been in a long time. I'm living up in Georgia now. Just north of Atlanta.
  8. I remember hanging out with Cartel in Jacksonville over at Jack Rabbits before the Epic reissue came out. I believe Permanent Me and The Summer Obsession were also on the bill. It was the last night of tour and it was a great time. That being said I'm excited for Cartel's press And also ETR's. It'll be nice to have two versions.
  9. I'm keeping my copy. Whatever Cartel has planned will be nice to see when the 10 year anniversary is here next year.
  10. I feel like I should buy from the band... I might ask for a refund as well. Bummer.
  11. I hope so. I miss Mae and they've always been solid. I hope it's with the original line up as well. I really think that might be their announcement during the Stage It performance.