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  1. Still bumping. Bumping forever. Forever bumping so you guys will buy all of the records from me <3
  2. Another bumpity-bump on this! Keepin' the good vibes alive!!!
  3. Hi friends! Back from Atlanta. That place was hot! But, I caught a Scyther, saw some rad bands, ate some BBQ, and now I'm back to sell you guys more records! So feel free to keep those messages a-comin', cause I need a little cash and you definitely need some sweet first presses in your life! So much love.
  4. Bumping this again! I'm actually headed to Atlanta for Wrecking Ball and I'm leaving tonight, but feel free to message me with any inquiries off of my tradelist. I'll hold stuff until I can get back (on Monday, the 15th) and all of that good stuff. Thanks to everyone who bought something so far, and thanks to anyone who sent messages and made offers and all that good stuff. This community has always been good to me, especially back when I was buying records like a madman, so I appreciate tremendously all of the love I've gotten from y'all. Side note, I might jump off of a cliff after I see Piebald, Hey Mercedes, Milemarker, Rainer Maria, American Football, Dinosaur Jr, Quicksand, The Promise Ring, Maritime, and Drive Like Jehu in a two-day span, so maybe you might not get a response from me, you know, cause I'll be a dead person.
  5. Monday bump!!! Everything that's sold so far has been mailed!
  6. Thanks for the love. And, honestly, I bought the record signed (not really the reason I bought it, haha), so I'd have to take a look and see exactly which incarnation of Misery signed it haha
  7. Thanks for all of you cuties that are giving me all these compliments! Much appreciated. Thanks to all who bought something so far. I dropped a ton of stuff off this morning, and I'll probably be making another run in the next few days, so keep those inquiries coming. You're all fantastic, and you all have such great taste in music.
  8. Thanks for all the messages so far! Sold a few, let's sell some more <3
  9. Hey guys. I'd been doing the letter-by-letter sales for a while, but I'm just gonna put the tradelist up and tell you that nothing is off limits. Make me offers on anything you're interested in, got plenty of packing materials, so I can have things sent out hastily. I always hate when people say this, but I'm in the position where I kinda have to - if you're looking to make an offer, I'd appreciate if you have payment ready to go. I don't mind waiting a few days, but I need the money for this stuff sooner than later, so I'm not interested in holding things for anyone for anything more than a few days. Also, I like to think I'm pretty fair when it comes to pricing, and I will try to accommodate anyone buying multiple records with deals however I can. Please private message me if you're interested in anything in the tradelist, I will respond as quickly as possible. Really not trying to ship internationally, as it's a big hassle and pretty insanely expensive, but it's not off the table. Here's the link: https://deadformat.net/collection/mytrainwreck