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  1. If you're interested in listening to one of the songs (Live. Starts at 3:00) https://youtu.be/fN-5LCgvh_Q It's the 4th track of the album. Crappy recording, but it gives an idea. Ordered. Edit. Also.. lyrics http://imgur.com/a/VkN4K/all
  2. I have all three Tales From The Crypt 7" from mondo. Wanting a clean trade for Polaris - music from The Adventure of Pete and Pete These are still sealed. Thanks.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/BanquetRSDfeed/status/589330935411277824/photo/1
  4. Forgot I had these and that enough means I shouldn't have them. They're even still in the packaging. My mondo account says $51 shipped for the set.. so I'm hoping for something around there. I'm not firm on the price. If anyone remembers if we were partially refunded for shipping, let me know and I'll lower the price. I really only want to sell these as a set. Also a long shot, but I'm looking for a Craig Drake's Buffy print at cost that I'd be willing to negotiate a trade for. Thanks.
  5. Anyone get a frozen? I tried getting it on my phone- that was useless.
  6. Would anyone be willing to help me grab the frozen poster? I won't be near a computer all day and my little sister would love this.
  7. Idk how much traveling you tend to do but, based on the mentioning of Vegan... Food: Le Thai next to Common Wealth on East Fremont, Veggie House in China Town (everything is Vegan, besides about two things that mention eggs in it), Sunrise Coffee (right next to the airport and has vegan food made to order & pastries), Ronald's donuts in China Town(you have to ask which racks are vegan, they change arrangement sometimes), Velvet Cafe (foods alright but it's right on the strip), Pop up Pizza (inside the Plaza on Fremont.)
  8. I got the Buffy series for my birthday. Now I'm making my way through it again, but with the commentary on this time.
  9. That^ or if you're handy enough, do it yourself. A lot of stuff is pretty straight forward. There are a lot of walk throughs online or in manuals.
  10. I just called both of mine on the list. They told me to check in a week. I'll grab an extra set or two if I can for you guys (I'll check in beforehand though to see if people still need them by then)
  11. Yeah. I figured more stores would have them. I'm calling around tomorrow. If I can snag these and there's extras, I'll let you guys know.