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  1. Haven’t played the Limelight - but the Double Barrel is a great pedal and a very versatile, each side is basically an entirely different circuit so it’s like having two pedals in a single enclosure. My band recorded last month and sometimes we’d find the tone on one side good for one part and the tone on the other side good for a different one - so it’s definitely not a one trick pony. The Limelight seems like it has a single baked in tone and then a boost circuit on top of that tone, so it’s not the same “two pedals in one” deal the Double Barrel has. That said I love Electronic Audio Experiments and I’d rather give them my money than JHS personally, but I’m biased towards more ‘independent’, ‘small-run’ builders.
  2. https://seether.limitedrun.com/products/679294-karma-and-effect-blood-red-splatter-2xlp
  3. Honestly hell yeah been waiting for some early Seether to get pressed for years. They could do up through Strings Much Better Left to Fray and I’d be down
  4. Got mine, really nice package - just wish it came with poly lined inner sleeves. Mine were really static charged and I put a couple hairline scratches on the records just taking them out of the sleeves.
  5. Got my turntable lab copy the other day - came with the Persona Non Grata single which I didn’t even know was included with the record so that was sick!
  6. Wish I could see what the demo disc tracklist is. I already have those 2 LPs but there’s some old LP Underground demo stuff I’d LOVE to have on vinyl.
  7. Hey! Sorry this has nothing at all to do with your sale but I didn’t even realize you were on the forum - that Dogwood Tales record you put out last week is truly incredible thank you for bringing it to vinyl!
  8. I cannot BELIEVE this band sold out 250 “collectors bundles” in half a day. Truly insane, pop punk collectors are another breed. Part of me doesn’t even wanna give this record a shot because the ‘cash-grabbiness‘ of this release just rubs me completely the wrong way.
  9. Lmaooo the /250 variant is only available in a $105 bundle with all four colors. How many variant collectors do you seriously think there are that would spend over $100 on four different colors of the same record? And the “deluxe edition” for $45 with no indication whatsoever of what makes it “deluxe” besides a slightly different cover is hilarious. That’s some truly out of touch, lofty-ass shit.
  10. Best find and best sale are hand in hand for me. When I was in tenth grade the first record I ever bought was a used copy of Jane Doe by Converge I found at my local record store (that years later I ended up working at) for like $20. I had it for several years before I ACTUALLY got into collecting, and after I started getting more serious about vinyl I discovered that the pressing of the record was the red/orange split OG tour variant which is the rarest version of the album ever released (at least to my knowledge). I held onto it for several more years, but eventually in college needed to pay some bills so I sold it for around $350 after the album got repressed with a better mastering. I’ve also made $200+ on several radio rock albums (Shinedown, Alter Bridge, etc) that I bought for $20 when they were first pressed and that always amuses me. also the time I found an OG press of The Power of Failing in a Goodwill was very cool. At the time I tried listening to it and I HATED it so I sold it immediately. I got into Mineral several years later and always regretted selling that record lol.