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  1. we don't set shipping prices, we set the weight of an item and USPS spits out your cost on the shipping page. If you are overseas then yah it's a joke, we aren't laughing though. We hate it as much as you. We do have an EU store and an Australian store to try to mitigate those shipping prices.
  2. save yourself some carpal tunnel, these were only on our US site. **THIS MAY BE INCORRECT** STAY TUNED. SORRY.
  3. make the drive. everyone lines up outside distanced from each other. mask required. we'll have enough of the newest store editions for everyone. also, after around 4pm it's pretty slow so ya know, no lines or people!
  4. you were very close to being 100% correct. thank you. the one correction: It's one woman in a warehouse filling the thousands of records. she's going as fast as she can and I'm going in and helping when I can but it's gonna take time.
  5. https://fatwreck.com/pages/updates-on-new-releases we're updating this page as often as we get info. Stuff is shipping to us from Europe but it's coming via boat so it's slow and less updated, cargo on planes is all jacked right now.
  6. we wonder that too. the release was in production before the world went to shit...
  7. Can't speak on specifics since I don't have the persons info but I'm guessing that the 3 lps were ordered separately (black) and not the actual bundle. We're still waiting on the bundles to arrive in the warehouse so no one has gotten those yet. I think they'll be here late this week. Which means your records won't hit street date. Yipppeee, we get to field a bunch of emails asking "where's my shit you fucking assholes? " tis the season
  8. they are starting to ship this week. we're slammed but we're getting stuff out as fast as we can.
  9. Since it's the last store opening of the year it may be busy. If that's the case, we may stay open a little later. But does anyone really like to stay later than they have to at their job?
  10. they are fine to touch. ive bounced one on the concrete ground. no problems. they are "shatterproof" We aren't instant, especially in December. But we also don't work on the weekends. Probably a good idea to email earlier in the week next time.
  11. Ya know, we're pretty used to human pooh here in San Francisco.
  12. Not entirely accurate. People order other things. People cancel. People's cards get declined. Fraudulent orders. Etc... Multiple factors increase our order numbers. There hasn't been over 1100 orders for this set, yet.
  13. Honest Don’s ALMOST Entire Catalog SALE! http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/Don_Sale We are selling ALMOST the entire Honest Don’s Catalog for dirt cheap! Plus some Pink & Black titles. Order it now, or with the Useless ID Preorder tomorrow... 30 CD’s for $50.00 (plus shipping). OR 20 LP’s for $50.00 (plus shipping)
  14. Hey we are getting the run around with these color vinyl. We've been told for weeks now that they are "in packaging". As soon as we get them, they'll be out the door. Sorry for the delay.
  15. All I heard was a train. Born On The First Of July is OOP.
  16. Not the case. Been here weeks and sitting in the warehouse. I wish I knew servos real name. would love to send notes to you. maybe love notes.

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