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  1. got my splatter worked out! john's the best 1211 here.
  2. yeah i just realized i bought the wrong variant, lol
  3. i bought the new press to get the slip cover, someone buy my first press
  4. ended up falling in love with this, if anyone has either of the splatters and doesn't love it, let me know
  5. When did being a shitty person become acceptable?
  6. Dude still kicked a young girl. Notice how I said from shitty to worse, dude still sucks
  7. They've had multiple occasions (Front Porch Step, No Good News, now TSSF) where members have done shitty or worse (actual rape) things to women and they haven't come out and done the right thing. Fuck this label.
  8. Pretty sure it is, I'm fucking bummedEdit: http://www.musicdirect.com/p-450610-gates-parallel-lives-vinyl-lp.aspx
  9. Just realized this band sounds like Sparks The Rescue or Go Radio, weird that a totally different crowd was into this before
  10. Still under the impression that this is easily Hopeless's best release since TGG
  11. So that means this record is going to be the third best punk record all time
  12. I ended the beef, the beef is dead. Decent record
  13. I know people think Luxury Problems is his best but Faith in Strangers is very special to me.
  14. He's put out some of the best electronic music of the decade.

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