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  1. No. 491 and this: (sucks I can't just paste the image) https://www.discogs.com/Silversun-Pickups-Widows-Weeds-/release/13749534
  2. Did order confirmations go out with these orders?
  3. Yeah I was able to buy, basically kept going through checkout process even when said sold out. Did two separate orders so hopefully can combine shipping
  4. How about not letting me put it in my fucking cart if I can’t buy it. Fuck them. That was bullshit. I tried to buy 5 times
  5. I want this but don't want or need all of the extra shit... especially the $11 shipping
  6. The defiant ones is a phenomenal documentary without Trent. But the short NIN piece explains the genius of Trent Reznor. as a fan from the beginning, with broken being top on my list... newer stuff is getting harder to put it on repeat, but my office is still filled with framed nin concert posters. I really liked HM ( but not NTAE) and the man is one of the best musicians of our time. Always worth listening too. Im out.
  7. I really hate it when unpolished bands get better and make songs that resonate with more people. I wish they just stayed in their garage and made mix tapes so I was one of only a few people that ever got to hear them. That would be cool....
  8. Someone figured out the corrupt file problem and put their solution on Reddit. Hopefully they fix it by the time they get around to sending mine out
  9. As a fan since the beginning... I agree. I hate to say it but I'm getting bored. But, I like and want something a bit more clear and aggressive like the broken album. Give us at least a bit of a guitar riff. I did like most of Hesitation Marks though.
  10. Only the EP, and 2017 versions are new. All of the others (gone girl, social network, HM, etc..) are previously released versions that are sold out
  11. Really?!! I bought a couple of the variants including the splatter and can't get a download?
  12. I was able to get the clear a few days ago and already got it in the mail. I'm curious though, Where can I get the black or is it sold out?