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  1. Thanks for the heads up, just did that. I order from them quite frequently, so hopefully that can hook me up in some way.
  2. Plenty of interest (too much, maybe). I've so far ordered from Sub Pop, Norman and both the fanart-thing and the 7" boxset from Bengans. Better be good . The couple of tunes I've heard yet definitely are, waiting for the LP to listen further.
  3. Napalm have cheaper shipping, I believe. At least cheaper than NB.
  4. Ordered Pure from cmdistro right now, was surprised to see they still have copies.
  5. Ordered one from Norman and one from Sub Pop. Really, really looking forward to it!
  6. Bought this at the Roadburn Festival in April. Highly recommended if you're a fan of either of them. Both in fine form.
  7. £18 at Amazon UK right now. That is quite a steal.
  8. Two listens in I can safely say this sounds positively awesome! Loving the nerve in Edwards' music.
  9. One of my favorite bands. I have been following them since their first release, now have everything they've put out incl. 7"/10"s and Al's solo stuff. Need more! Hopefully a new record is in the works. Btw, they are also one friggin' awesome live band. I'd have to say "Rays of the Sun/To the Shrinebuilder" from the split w/Current 93 is my favorite track. Try it on a good stereo or good headphones.
  10. Relapse basically have shite control over their webstore and stock. My last (and probably final) order from them was a large order of stuff back when the Zombi reissues were released. Never got anything, even though I got a confirmation e-mail AND it was visible in my order history. They said they'd never seen the order and couldn't even find any traces of it... Wahey.
  11. Starting to regret purchasing this from Sunyata now. Cereal box packaging does not bode well for the trip over the fucking Atlantic.
  12. Amazingly I got one order through at Banquet, at least I got my confirmation mail.
  13. Anyone seen the Screaming Trees-Last Words LP in any European stores? Looks like that might be one of the titles that didn't get over here in time.
  14. Hell yes, thanks a lot! Been through my two physical shops and numerous online european distros without any luck.
  15. That Black Angels 10" is proving a bit of a bitch to get a hold on! About the only thing I wanted that had actual new music on it.
  16. Those two last "Clowns..." 7"s sure are a tight fit for the sleeve... And the Bowie one does not sound like a good pressing at all, a bit of surface noise on mine. Disappointing when you think of the money suckers like us shell out for these things.
  17. "In a silent way" is so freaking amazing. Got the Music On Vinyl pressing, which isn't bad.
  18. For eurochumps Easy Rider releases are often carried by kozmik-artifactz.com. Very good distro.
  19. Had to order that double ten inch from Century Media, even though it got hella expensive. Great looking piece! All this Entombed reissuing is proving costly, especially for us that end up buying multiple editions of each.
  20. Shipping from Epitaph US was half the price of Deathwish, so ordered an orange one from them.
  21. Not too bad. But not 54 bucks good either. Yes, shipping is $30 overseas. Seems like I'm pretty much done ordering from the US.

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