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  1. Got my copy of goodness from bull moose. Punch is very off center, sounds like a Fischer Price album. Very disappointed.
  2. On rough trade GB. Does MOV do US releases? Never bought one before and cant pay $70 to get this one https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/say-anything/in-defense-of-the-genre
  3. https://www.tinymovingparts.com/products/729142-tiny-moving-parts-vinyl 200 splatter 300 translucent red 500 black
  4. Totally forgot about this but glad I happened to check the forum. The Pokeball color was a no brained.
  5. Went with the pink/blue split. I always wanted an ARMOR shirt back in the day (when they had wings on the back) so I had to pick one of those up too.
  6. Panic purchased the grey whale before I noticed it was a 4 song EP...
  7. Not sure the album will be worth the hefty price but the nostalgia makes it a little more digestible.
  8. I meant Home Like No Place Is There specifically. Rough trade sold out like immediately.
  9. Ordered through bull moose but ended up getting a cancellation email. Does anyone know where else to pre order these?
  10. One of mine has a drop of the yellow splatter on the center sticker...
  11. Got mine today, much less splatter than the mock-up. They included someone else's shipping tag inside my package too.
  12. Went with blue. Felt like it will "pop" on my turntable since that's what really matters.
  13. I got the green/blue one advertised. A little bend in the corner but not enough to return it.
  14. Currently $37.50 on amazon Limited-time deal: Does This Look Infected Blue Swirl https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09GHR3B21/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_dl_PR35YZ1NHKG00VY1QQ5Q?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  15. No Sleep Records has 50% off (almost) everything. Some preorders are excluded. https://nosleeprecords.com
  16. Finally got my senses fail album only for it to be literally cracked in half. Looks like someone tried to fold it in half. Ugh.
  17. Death Row is releasing new variants of Snoop Doggy Dog - Doggystyle for their 30th anniversary. 12" 180g Double LP pressed on ruby/black half and half with blue and yellow splatter vinyl. Limited to 1500 copies worldwide https://www.deathrowofficial.com/collections/snoop-doggy-dogg-doggystyle/products/snoop-doggy-dogg-doggystyle-splatter-vinyl 12" 180g Double LP pressed on ruby ghost vinyl. Limited to 1500 copies worldwide https://www.deathrowofficial.com/collections/snoop-doggy-dogg-doggystyle/products/snoop-doggy-dogg-doggystyle-ruby-ghost-vinyl
  18. Ooof. Almost $40 with shipping. Time Will Die is one of my favorites so it had to be done. Grabbed a golden sun
  19. I was having flashbacks of Ocean Avenue hitting F5 but snagged a yellow no problem!
  20. Just curious, where is this info coming from? I haven't seen anything outside of this forum.
  21. Wow I am so glad I checked the boards today. I've been waiting for this forever. I went to that tour too, I remember listening to Gym Class Heroes myspace trying to figure out how they got on that ticket.