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  1. Currently $37.50 on amazon Limited-time deal: Does This Look Infected Blue Swirl https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09GHR3B21/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_dl_PR35YZ1NHKG00VY1QQ5Q?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  2. No Sleep Records has 50% off (almost) everything. Some preorders are excluded. https://nosleeprecords.com
  3. Finally got my senses fail album only for it to be literally cracked in half. Looks like someone tried to fold it in half. Ugh.
  4. Death Row is releasing new variants of Snoop Doggy Dog - Doggystyle for their 30th anniversary. 12" 180g Double LP pressed on ruby/black half and half with blue and yellow splatter vinyl. Limited to 1500 copies worldwide https://www.deathrowofficial.com/collections/snoop-doggy-dogg-doggystyle/products/snoop-doggy-dogg-doggystyle-splatter-vinyl 12" 180g Double LP pressed on ruby ghost vinyl. Limited to 1500 copies worldwide https://www.deathrowofficial.com/collections/snoop-doggy-dogg-doggystyle/products/snoop-doggy-dogg-doggystyle-ruby-ghost-vinyl
  5. Ooof. Almost $40 with shipping. Time Will Die is one of my favorites so it had to be done. Grabbed a golden sun
  6. I was having flashbacks of Ocean Avenue hitting F5 but snagged a yellow no problem!
  7. Just curious, where is this info coming from? I haven't seen anything outside of this forum.
  8. Wow I am so glad I checked the boards today. I've been waiting for this forever. I went to that tour too, I remember listening to Gym Class Heroes myspace trying to figure out how they got on that ticket.
  9. Anyone get their bandcamp downloads to work? I sent an email to support but havent gotten a response.
  10. Yea those 2 are the only ones I wanted, and maybe let it happen if they pressed it. Guess I will wait to see if they repress them separately.
  11. Someone on the Reddit thread said they oversold yellow and got a cancellation email...
  12. Already gone. Guess i should have jumped on it when i had the chance
  13. Well damn now I feel like i gotta splurge. Between Lawrence arms and Yellowcard and a Wilhelm scream my wallet is feeling the wrath of teenage nostalgia...
  14. If I learned anything from trying to buy PC parts during COVID, its that you gotta stay committed and keep refreshing/clicking. I bet as the dust settles they will become available again once they deal with whatever shit the servers took.
  15. Any reason to go for the colored one over the standard for $8 (other than the color part)? Do they use heavier vinyl or anything
  16. I got a paypal receipt for a yellow. Also still spinning after paying on a different device directly with my CC after the "complete order" button. I got a confirmation from field day so not sure which one actually went through.
  17. Thanks! Was really bummed/bewildered that the beige had sold out already on his site. Super stoked that his tour is coming to my town!
  18. I really want both in orange, but I also want one of the flappy tee. Why cant it be in a bundle too? Stoked for the album either way
  19. New Lawrence Arms album and 7" preorder with various bundles https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/?id=1521 Metropole Orange /800 News From Yalta Orange /800 News From Yalta Black /1200
  20. I got all the white sticker stuff off just using water and my finger, still cant get all the sticky residue off though :/
  21. Just got my clear press. So incredibly pissed about the sticker. I typically frame the jackets on my wall, and was really looking forward to adding this one. I got most of it off but still have some residue, scared to try goo gone or anything like that. Anyone find anything that works?

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