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  1. I impulse bought the test presses of Aloha’s That’s Your Fire and the Great Communicators EP having previously snagged a Home Acres test. Couldn’t pass up at those prices.
  2. Got my pink. Kinda bummed it didn’t come with a download code.
  3. Albums I expected to love haven't seemed to have lasting power for me this year (Better Oblivion, As Cities Burn, Wintersleep), and there's a few I just haven't got around to listening to yet (Thank You Scientist, Telethon) leading to a truly goofy best of the year list for me that includes: Caroline Spence - Mint Condition' Cheeto's Magazine - Amazingous Holy Pinto - Adult Danny Schmidt - Standard Deviations Lady Lamb - Even in the Tremor UV Rays - Try and Begin (EP) Carla Geneve - Carla Geneve (EP)
  4. Good looking out. Been checking for this on a weekly basis myself.
  5. Not very hopeful but here goes - discovered this album on Bandcamp and I really like it, but I can only find international options to obtain it which, with shipping, will run over $40. I'd like to find a cheaper/US copy. If anyone has one, or has a line on one, please let me know. https://onsgenensemble.bandcamp.com/album/duel
  6. There’s nothing wrong with fucking a hole in the ground either, that doesn’t stop me from judging people who do it.
  7. Wonder if the coke bottle blue from Port of Sound is a misprint or a different pressing. Only options through the BB site are black and opaque pink.
  8. Got my Plaid Room shipping confirmation for Seven Mary 3, so they are working through the orders.
  9. Anyone have (or have a line on) a copy of the splatter version of the new album? It came and went on preorder before I even saw it go up, but I'd like to grab a copy if any are floating around. https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/wintersleep/products/wintersleep-in-the-land-of-splatter-lp
  10. I’m all over this. Hard to believe this got pressed before Hello.
  11. Managed to pick up a Julien Baker from a less-traveled record store near me today, so that just leaves the elusive Bingo Hand Job on my original list, though in truth I have the fuller show on CD, so I'll pick it up if I find it at retail, but I'm not going to go out of my way (or wallet) to get it.