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  1. dawhizz

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    That Creeper album is great.
  2. dawhizz

    Lydia - Illuminate

    Just got mine as well. This release deserves an “A” for “Absolurely No Fucks Given.” On the bright side it looks like mine was signed by Kendrick Lamar.
  3. It's been a bad month for pre-orders, but I can't pass this up, even though his last album was a bit disappointing for me. Jason Isbell produces and the 400 Unit is the band. First 1000 on clear blue and signed. https://joshritter.merchtable.com/fever-breaks
  4. The single didn't grab me, but Field of Reeds was a grower too and Hidden is an all-timer for me. I also can't tell if the "acidic multicolor vinyl" is limited or is the standard pressing. Feel free to post updates if anyone hears anything. http://www.thesenewpuritans.com/
  5. Same one in the Secretly Store is on Bandcamp FYI. https://betteroblivioncommunitycenter.bandcamp.com/album/better-oblivion-community-center
  6. Excited for a new album. I’m a huge fan of both her previous albums and feel like she’s squarely in the company of Courtney Barnett/Mitski/St. Vincent, etc. but she’s never gotten their level of attention. https://grapefruitrecordclub.com/products?keywords=tremor
  7. Preordered the new Bellows as well after being on the fence for a bit. I'm not really into their old stuff at all, but I like all the new songs I've heard.
  8. Boat bundles are now sold out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Thanks. I remember something similar happening when the Mark Lanegsn boxed set came out, where you could get some individual albums from certain stores. Anyine gave both the recent individual reissues of Fear/Dulcinea also have the boxed set. I felt like my copies of the the individual reissues sounded pretty good, but curious about any opinions about the boxed set copies.
  10. Sounds kind of like the Hold Steady, which is not necessarily bad, just unexpected. Need to hear more before ordering.
  11. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but I'm going to shout out a movie I saw a while ago called Lake Mungo. It's an Australian movie (it's positioned as a documentary and is very believable in presentation) if from about ten years ago maybe. It's not super horrific, more of a creepy supernatural mystery maybe, but I watch a fair number of horror movies, most of which I literally never think about again, but I keep thinking about the movie every once in a while. Seek it out.
  12. Not sure this band fits perfectly in this thread, but the other emo thread is pretty dead, this album rules, and the vinyl is only $12.50 (INCLUDING shipping), so you have no excuse not to at least check it out. https://thegreatwight.bandcamp.com/
  13. dawhizz

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Mine did not.
  14. dawhizz

    Best Albums of 2018?

    Annual award for the “Album that would have been on my list if I’d started listening to it earlier” goes to: Mothertongue - Where the Moonlight Snows
  15. Got my copy of this yesterday out of the blue. Looks as good as you’d expect. Haven’t spun it yet.