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  1. http://illegalart.net/girltalk/shop/ I’m torn on these. They are foundational albums for me (I wrote a paper on the legality of Gillis’ sample use in law school), but it almost feels wrong to have them on vinyl after years of having the burned CD copy downloaded from the Illegal Art website.
  2. Faye Webster’s Atlanta Millionaires Club for $9.99 https://www.secretlystore.com/atlanta-millionaires-club-faye-webster?goal=0_63987b3000-2ebcb63630-191715457&mc_cid=2ebcb63630&mc_eid=0b94a2ef2e
  3. Mad Season is very good and More Than You Think You Are has it’s moments - So Sad So Lonely is one of the best things they’ve done IMO. Will be on the lookout for these getting single pressings down the road.
  4. A happy ending in the off chance anyone is looking for this - I ended up finding copies available from Target of all places, and the pic looked like the clear versions that had been available from Century Media, so I ordered it on a whim and lo and behold, got the clear version in the mail four days later. Copies still available if anyone else is interested. Thanks corporate overlords! https://www.target.com/p/wilderun-veil-of-imagination-vinyl/-/A-80338336#lnk=sametab
  5. Counter Intuitive is sending out 1000 FREE copies of a vinyl repress of this now. https://www.counterintuitiverecords.com/products/673630-state-lines-for-the-boats
  6. I somehow missed these pre-orders despite actively looking out for them, so if anyone has a copy of the magenta or clear version or knows where I can get one, PM me. Don’t quite want to pay the prices I see on Discogs (yet).
  7. A few test presses up in Bandcamp. https://narrowheadtx.bandcamp.com/album/12th-house-rock-2
  8. Friday is Bandcamp day again. Good excuse to clear out that stuff in your wishlist. Pretty good looking comp here that will only be available tomorrow: https://goodmusic2020.bandcamp.com
  9. F it. I told myself I could just wait for a low price on the black, but this is a top 20 album all time for me and my birthday's coming up, so I snagged the color. The hobby . . .
  10. Hell yes. https://uproxx.com/movies/welcome-to-the-blumhouse-trailer-amazon-prime/
  11. I always preferred Dead Format to Discogs but having switched everything to Discogs I can’t really imagine switching back. I’m afraid that train has sailed.