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  1. This was recorded kinda close to where I live and couple of local shops had the last pressing in store. It was still a little too rich for my level of interest but cool that it was pressed.
  2. Test presses, boxed set, and a shelf of R.E.M. miscellany all the way to the left (behind the lamp), some random stuff on top.
  3. 25% off select items, including some collectors editions, through the weekend. https://mewithoutyou.com/?&utm_campaign=campaign%3A+BFCM+'22+(6380163f02b59f001953ae92)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=omnisend&omnisendContactID=5e20c28a4572ea6db20021ba
  4. Following as I’ve been contemplating this recently too and just keep forgetting to look into it.
  5. TTTH 35% off sale with TTTH & Parting Gift test presses up as well. Prices shout what you’d expect, though I imagine some will he pretty interested (I snagged one I couldn’t pass up): https://www.takethistoheartrecords.com
  6. I’m going to need a guide of my own for the five new ones myself (as their stuff seems to be pretty varied so I expect the new albums will each have their own vibe), but my recollections of the back catalogue off the dome is: - “5” and “7” I remember being pretty similar sounding indie/neo-soul albums. - “Untitled (Black Is)” is far and away my favorite SAULT album so far and uses a lot of samples and quirky rhythms. It sounds kind of like “These New Puritans made a soul album” to me if that means anything to you. -“Untitled (Rise)” is more of an R&B album and I never really dug it. -I don’t recall much about “9” except I recall it being short and having some spoken word components. -“AIR” is basically a classical (almost ambient) album by my estimation. It’s the least like any of their prior albums. I don’t think there are any intelligible vocal in it.
  7. Test press sale at Wolves and Vibrancy. https://wolvesandvibrancyrex.bigcartel.com/category/test-pressing
  8. 7 copies available through Smartpunk at the moment. https://smartpunkshop.com/products/gulch-impenetrable-cerebral-fortress?mc_cid=0e46acf65a&mc_eid=70bbdff74d
  9. Got the OBI because I love his album. The second thing from my list of “Albums I Wish Someone Would Press But Probably No One Ever Will” that picked up with month (the other was A Mountain Is a Mouth by Bruce Peninsula which randomly got a vinyl pressing out of the blue).
  10. I’d usually spring for a Test Press if it’s reasonable, but I want the packaging, so might try for OBI + shirt.
  11. Oh man, this is one I’ve been actively petitioning for. Lots of rights to sort out with all the guests I imagine, but here’s hoping. Near Mint Twitter seems to suggest PO will be next week.
  12. Watches this week: -Finally watched [Rec]. Without spoiling, I’m not typically a fan of the kind of genre it ends up being, but I enjoyed it. Not quite as crazy ultimately as I expected based on hearing others talk about it. -I guess I’m one of the few who ended up kind of meh on X. Took a long time to get going and when it did I just wasn’t super into it. -Caught a wild movie called Braid on Peacock I really enjoyed. Never really seen a horror movie with a comparable premise. Go into it knowing as little as possible. -Like Werewolf by Night for what it is. Hope Marvel does more one hour specials like this.
  13. Watched The Eyes of My Mother on HBOMax last night. It’s pretty arty, short (76 minutes), and very messed up. I thought it was well done.
  14. Some good stuff coming to Hulu. Matriarch, Grimcutty, and Dashcam all look interesting.
  15. Watched the new Scream last night, which just popped up on Showtime recently. It was OK. Thought some of the acting was kinda iffy, but it was pretty fun. Have a long list of movies in my queue this month that I never got around to including The Night House, in the Earth, Titane, His House, Possessor, and Audition (somehow never seen it!). Should be fun.