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  1. Not drastically different for me, though I think this is around the time my collection was starting to plateau as far as having grabbed most of the old stuff I could have conceivably found & been able to afford. https://deadformat.com/collection/dawhizz
  2. A couple I can recall offhand where a reissue was announced and I needed to listen a bit before I decided to purchase and ended up picking it up: -Soul Coughing & Beck’s Odelay album - Albums I loved in high school and wasn’t sure would hold up but on relisten definitely did. -Juliana Hatfield’s first album - I owned most of her other early albums and trended more to those but in relisten found a lot I liked and it kind of completed an early JH collection so I purchased.
  3. On the nostalgia core topic, I’ve definitely tried to check myself against the knee-jerk buy because “I loved that album in high school!”Now sometimes there’s not a lot of lead time between when I hear something’s out and when I have to decide to pull the trigger, but I find more often than that if I actually sit down and listen to “thing I used to love”, I’ll know very quickly whether or not 42-year-old me needs to own it and it seems like most of the time the answer is not so much, although those times when the answer is a resounding “YES” are pretty satisfying.
  4. I'll step up with a reasonably genuine response before the T-swizzle gifs. Been collecting 25ish years technically, but more "seriously" for probably 15-20 years. I'm sitting at about 1500 in my collection. I managed to get most of what I wanted before prices/scarcity went way overboard, so I'm at the point where I have about 15 older records on my discogs wishlist that I'm convinced I'll probably never own because of price/scarcity and most of my current record collecting is newly released music. I still go to record stores hoping this is the day I'll run across that copy of This Desert Life for $20 bucks or something, but I find myself leaving empty handed more and more. I feel like I've reached a plateau in that respect, which is frustrating I guess but fine - it means I have a lot of what I want. I would say close to 100% of my collection has been on my turntable at some point. I've never really been a sealed or variant collector except for the Felix Culpa (check the avatar yo) and the odd album I really love where a cool variant/remastered album/etc. came out later. I have a shelf of test presses and I'll actually spin the 50% or so where it's only vinyl version of the album I have. I have a cabinet below the stereo where I put new purchases and it's pretty rare that something goes upstairs (where my collection is) before I listen to it at least once - for some reason I find myself paranoid that I'll buy an album and there will be an issue with it or it won't even be the right music on it and if I don't listen to it, by the time I do it will be too late to do anything about it. Now I'm married with two kids (brag), so you're comment that your free time vanishes isn't lost on me. My kids like music and I've had music on the stereo whenever I can for as long as they can remember, so I can often get away with putting something on during dinner or on a weekend when we are all hanging out or playing or whatever (and if I can get Encanto or Frozen or whatever out of the stereo), but I'm obviously limited in what I can put on in terms of intensity/profanity. I don't listen to anything THAT intense, but there are certainly things that I wouldn't play when my kids are around or that would cause my wife to suggest I turn to something else. I also can't really play something brand new unless I'm certain the content is OK (found that out the hard way a couple of times). That type of album also isn't ideal for listening to after everyone's gone to sleep, so they might sit in my "queue" for a while until those blissful few times when everyone else is gone. Which happens maybe 1-2 times a month and I definitely have to make it a priority to listen to them. But if I know I'm going to have an afternoon to myself, I get a little excited (lame) because I know I have the opportunity to listen to certain stuff I can't generally spin with the kids around and at a volume that would not otherwise be allowed. I do make an effort to thumb through my collection on a fairly regular basis (maybe 2-3 times a month) to see if I feel like listening to anything I haven't spun in a while. If I haven't listened to it, I'll try to figure out if I have a good reason and if I don't I should probably listen to it to try to figure out if I even need to still own it. I have tried to sell some stuff recently (with pretty good success) and when COVID first started I did do a pretty heavy weeding of records so that I have about two shelves worth I'll trade into the local shop when I get around to it. I have a very small collection of 7" and I can't really imagine bringing those out to listen to anytime soon, but it's bands I like and they don't take up much space, so I'll keep them around. Anything I really like (like, say, MCR's Conventional Weapons set) I've since just purchased digitally and I'll do that if I want to listen. I do have some stuff I bought before you could easily listen to every album to see if you like it and maybe I put on and didn't listen to the whole thing, but I keep around because I think if I revisit it maybe it will click. Prog rock and old folk records were my two go-tos when I was studying in college/law school. I don't find myself in the mood for that stuff as much anymore when I get time to myself, though I still genuinely enjoy it, so I'll get back around to listening to it eventually, I think. There's certainly an argument to be made that given my current lifestyle, vinyl collecting no longer makes all that much sense, and I completely understand that argument except that it's the best and I love it. Plus, as I think I said in the other thread you mentioned, if I didn't collect vinyl I would have to take up coin collecting or parkour or serial killing or something and I really like listening to music and supporting musical artists, so I guess it's as good a thing to waste my money and time on as any.
  5. I did like the Julian Baker and Fiddlehead records. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. I managed to listen to a truly irresponsible amount of music this year, as I apparently took it upon myself to subsidize the music industry. Consequently, my album list is also irresponsibly long, but here goes: 1. The Duke of Norfolk - A Pebble of the Brook 2. Soup - Visions 3. Fishboy- Waitsgiving 4. The World is a Beautiful place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die - Illusory Walls 5. Foxing - Draw Down the Moon 6. David Keenan - What Then? 7. BRUIT - The Machine is Burning and Now Everyone Knows it Could Happen Again 8. Katy Kirby - Cool Dry Place 9. Covey - Class of Cardinal Sin 10. Harmony Woods - Graceful Rage 11. Aeon Station - Observatory 12. Fightmilk - Contender 13. Baulta - Another Second Chance 14. Squirrel Flower - Planet (i) 15. Huck Notari - Strange and Beautifully 16. Noise Beneath the Floor - A Year in Exile 17. Olivia Rodrigo - Sour 18. Evans McRae - Only Skin 19. Madi Diaz - History of a Feeling 20. Haiku Salut - The Hill, The Light, The Ghost 21. In a Daydream - This Side of Purgatory 22. Postdata - Twin Flames 23. Manchester Orchestra - The Million Masks of God 24. Chan The Human - Peace, Hereafter 25. Slothrust - Parallel Timeline 26. Wild Pink - A Billion Little Lights 27. Sydney Sprague - Maybe I’ll See You at the End of the World 28. Shortly - Dancer 29. Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird - These 13 30. Adjy - The Idyll Opus 31. Trope - Eleutheromania 32. Billy Law - Alone Somewhere 33. Rose Riebl - Do Not Move Stones 34. Grace Petrie - Connectivity 35. Others By No One - Book II: Where Stories Come From 36. Lo Talker - A Comedy of Errors 37. Sam Yield - Terra Australis 38. Rachel Flowers - Bigger on the Inside 39. Halocraft - A Mother to Scare Away the Darkness 40. Me Rex - Megabear EPs Lauren Bird - The Farewell Arm’s Length - Everything Nice Pronoun - OMG I Made It Elissa Mielke - Finally Jhariah - A Beginners Guide to Faking Your Death Dude Trips - You Are the Reason I Hate Leaving
  7. It whips. At some point I'll figure out how to post pictures on here. This pic shows up for me, but if the pic isn't showing up: -Vinylz: PJ Harvey - Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea; Fishboy - Albatross -CD: The Pineapple Thief - Nothing But the Truth -Shirts: This Foxing Long Sleeve (https://www.foxingtheband.com/products/714118-sacred-moon-long-sleeve); This Peace Guitar Tab shirt (https://www.rubwrongways.com/store/p63/GUITAR_PEACE_-_Light_Colors.html) Books: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea 33 1/3 book; Flyboy in the Buttermilk by Greg Tate; Kanye West Owes Me $300 by Jensen Karp; The Little Devil in America by Hanif Abdurraqib
  8. I didn’t realize prices on Midnight Organ Fight had gotten crazy again (or maybe just still are?) but there’s a new press available in Bandcamp if someone’s still after it. https://frightenedrabbit.bandcamp.com/album/midnight-organ-fight-2022-repress
  9. The only part he was joking about was that he bought one to play.
  10. Is it weird that usually feel compelled to spin what I get at last once relatively soon after I get it just to make sure it’s the right music on the record?
  11. Snagged a Baulta test press through A Thousand Arms. One left and one Dust Moth at the moment if anyone’s interested. https://www.athousandarms.com/collections/test-pressings

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