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  1. I had missed it, but orders for Tasmanian Glow on vinyl recently went up. Still copies of the /150 available. Web site also has test presses of French Ghetto and Italian Ghosts for those who are so inclined. https://www.merchbucket.com/collections/strawberry-girls
  2. Gonna go ahead and put this here: https://uproxx.com/indie/best-bright-eyes-albums-ranked/
  3. This is much closer to my interests than the heavier stuff, and I really like the one song that's been released, but I'll need to hear something else before I pull the trigger.
  4. This is possibly the most batshit criticism of anything I've ever heard. I know PJ fans are crazy, but are people seriously saying to themselves "I don't see any US dates today, guess I better book my airline tickets to Krakow"?
  5. Into this, but it's not up on the US Roadrunner site yet.
  6. I dip my toe in the post-rock pool from time to time, though I tend toward prog rather than metal/doom/etc. This is the stuff I’ve listened to recently that’s impressed me: https://thenightwatch.bandcamp.com/album/an-embarrassment-of-riches https://myriaddrone.bandcamp.com/album/arka-morgana https://soldathans.bandcamp.com/album/es-taut Related question - are there blogs people here follow (or run) to hear new stuff/reviews in this genre? I like Echoes and Dust and Everything is Noise and The Prog Mind for prog, but I’d be interested to hear about more.
  7. I’m genuinely glad to hear that many were satisfied with this conclusion, because I saw it yesterday and I’m still seething I hated it so much. I’m not a hardcore fan by any stretch and I quite enjoyed both the previous films, but I just couldn’t with the unearned fan service, inexplicable plot/action nonsense, and undoing some of the interesting wrinkles I thought Last Jedi added. The only entertaining part was when the two major characters kiss on the mouth near the end and the old man next to me in the theatre said “Barf”.
  8. Two proggy December additions for me: Exploring Birdsong - The Thing with Feathers EP Soulsplitter - Salutogenesis
  9. It sounds the album those kids in the High Fidelity movie would have made.
  10. This has been an available pre-order for a while but now there's a limited 7" single available individually and in a bundle. International shipping is pretty rough for something that may well be widely available after it comes out, but I figured I would pass it along. It's quietly become a pretty highly anticipated album for me, as I've become mildly obsessed with his song "Alter Wine" and the rest of the album sounds really solid as well. Check it out if you're looking to scratch your Irish singer/songwriter itch. https://davidkeenan.tmstor.es/
  11. FYI, I did see on Twitter that they acknowledged that the tour vinyl is going faster than anticipated and that people should "stay tuned for future pressings." So its sounds like these will be available in some form down the road.
  12. My local shop (http://www.trustychordsrecordshop.com) only got one but when I was checking out with it they mentioned that they were getting a couple more. Not sure when they are supposed to be coming in or if they do mail order, but they are pretty responsive on FB Messenger or you can give them a call to check. Maybe that's true of other stores as well.
  13. My local place only got one (which I got) but are getting more, reportedly, so I wouldn’t go too crazy on a copy now if you can’t find it at retail.
  14. My local store had a ton of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Not sure if they do mail order but you can find them on Facebook : Trusty Chords in Edwardsville, IL.
  15. Is there a reason it’s $50-60 for a 2LP besides “because we can”?