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  1. I don’t know what genre thread this one belongs in exactly, so I’ll put it here - this new Yoo Doo Right album is fantastic. https://yoodooright.bandcamp.com/album/a-murmur-boundless-to-the-east
  2. Pledge campaign only runs a few more days if anyone is still interested.
  3. Anyone seen Dashcam yet? Reviews suggest it’s been pretty divisive, though I’m trying not to spoil myself too much on the plot.
  4. Now that the release date is actually approaching considering picking this up and noticed the PT site is showing a gold vinyl version and the blue is gone. Anyone happen to know if this took the place of the blue or is a new pressing? https://porcupinetree.tmstor.es/?lf=fd27058481e4d7d2738120d053f0b9fa
  5. Hope Conor is doing ok. https://www.brooklynvegan.com/conor-oberst-walks-off-bright-eyes-show-after-2-songs-fans-did-karaoke-instead/
  6. Bandcamp pledge repress. Open for 30 days, they’ll press however many orders they get (minimum 250). https://palehorsepalerider1.bandcamp.com/campaign/burial-songs
  7. Not sure if this belongs here or in the Shoegaze thread or in the Sludge/Doom thread, but I’m putting it here because I think it’s where I heard of the album, but I got a Bandcamp message that a new vinyl pressing of Palehorse/Palerider’s “Burial Songs” is going up on Friday. Looks like it will be on Bandcamp. Not sure how many are being pressed.
  8. I wasn’t a fan of Ode to Joy. New song seems ok to me - like something they would have come out with after AM, though I’m not sure I need a double album of Wilco Goes Country (which seems to be the desired vibe https://www.stereogum.com/2184947/wilco-cruel-country-falling-apart-right-now/music/).
  9. Place near me had three Kittie as of half an hour ago. They usually do mail order - I’d DM them through Facebook if you’re interested. https://m.facebook.com/trustychordsrecordshop
  10. Yellowhammer pressing up on Bad Timing. https://www.badtimingrecords.com/products/723788-cassino-yellowhammer
  11. Looks like there will be a Rough Trade /300, an indie yellow, and a VMP pressing. https://strange.ffm.to/farmtotable
  12. New Bartees y’all. All I’m seeing is the tri-stripe and black from 4AD, but maybe there are others out there. Not sure if the tri-stripe is limited. https://barteesstrange.bandcamp.com/album/farm-to-table?from=fanpub_fnb

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