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  1. Y’all get your Utopia bird call set yet? http://indian.co.uk/shop/utopia-bird-call-boxset.html
  2. Is the clear with heavy orange the only single LP version left? Not seeing any other options. Really digging the first two singles.
  3. Got mine. Doesn’t appear to be a repress and it’s in great shape.
  4. I’m still kind of disappointed this isn’t a Semisonic cover band.
  5. The Great Wight was one of those bands I caught up to last year and couldn't stop spinning their album, The Suburbs Have Ruined My Life. Turns out they changed their name recently to Proper. and signed to BSM and their new album, I Spent the Winter Writing Songs About Getting Better, is up for pre-order at https://bsmusa.limitedrun.com/products/647996. If it's anything close to the last one it's an early contender for my AOTY. The old album is also available under the new and old band names at http://www.oldpressrecords.com/products/637432-proper-the-suburbs-have-ruined-my-life.
  6. I wouldn't go that far (I quite like The Whole Love), but I would say Wilco hasn't made a great album since 2004.
  7. I really hope that’s seven people who bought 2 each.
  8. I still primarily listen to CDs or Sirius XM in the car (old.) so I always have CDs in the center console along with a CD wallet which pretty much constantly rotates based on what I’m into. No real constants although Cotton Teeth by The Snake The Cross The Crown comes the closest maybe.
  9. Other albums that probably would have made my best of 2018 list had I actually managed to listen to them in 2018: - Onsegen Ensemble - Duel - Black Foxxes - Reidi - SUSTO - Ever Since I Lost My Mind
  10. Those into early emo may have interest. There's a regular edition and a blue /500. http://numerogroup.com/products/indian-summer-giving-birth-to-thunder
  11. Nice sale. Snagged some stuff I’d been on the fence about: Today's Order Product Qty Cost Total Hvel Arstidir 822603143911 LP 1 $7.42 $7.42 Little Black Numbers Kathryn Williams 5016958901004 LP 1 $5.86 $5.86 Merci Save Face 045778760817 LP 1 $6.31 $6.31 Nivalis Árstíðir 822603142617 LP 1 $8.64 $8.64 Passwords Dawes 857223004984 LP 1 $7.97 $7.97 Proxy [Import] The Tangent 190758960715 LP 1 $8.82 $8.82 Screamin For My Supper [Import] Beth Hart 8719262008250 LP 1 $11.40 $11.40 We Can't Dance (1991) Genesis 081227941734 LP 1 $12.69 $12.69 Subtotal Promo Code: FIREWORK15 Standard Shipping Sales Tax Total 8 $10.37 6.25% $69.11 ($10.37) $0.00 $3.67 $62.41
  12. Nice list here, though I don’t dig as many personally as I’ve dug from past Alternative lists: http://www.getalternative.com/the-60-best-records-of-2019-so-far/
  13. New Noah album is up for pre-order. There's standard black, a swirl /300, and test presses /30 available. I like the new song more than I liked most of White Noise, so I'm hopeful it's closer to Carry the Ghost. http://noahgundersen.limitedrun.com/
  14. I impulse bought the test presses of Aloha’s That’s Your Fire and the Great Communicators EP having previously snagged a Home Acres test. Couldn’t pass up at those prices.