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  1. Preorder for the new Soup album, Visions, are supposedly going up on Friday.
  2. Didn’t realize Bandcamp did pledges, but I love this album and am stoked to maybe own it in vinyl. Kinda Being There Wilco vibes. Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing. https://hallelujahthehills.bandcamp.com/campaign/im-you-2019
  3. Late to this album but really digging it. Not really familiar with their back catalog so I don’t know how much of a departure it is, but this is reminding me a bit of the recent Harmony Woods album. If anyone snagged the mystery/GITD vinyl and is looking to unload it, hit me up.
  4. Anyone taking odds on these going up individually after they sell out of multiple pressings of the boxed sets?
  5. Didn’t know if I should make a new post, but the new album is up for PO. Major MCR vibes from the singles: https://krm9.kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/artist/717
  6. Test presses and previously sold out pressings available. I think it went up at 2 eastern so some stuff might be gone, just passing it along. https://www.refreshrecs.com/categories/private-stash
  7. This albums been on my wish list literally since I started collecting (it was never released in the US and might be RT’s best solo album). Glad it’s getting the 2LP treatment, but I’m going to be happy to pick up the clear reissue /1200 for like $30 instead of this /300 blue for $50. https://www.newburycomics.com/products/richard_thompson-mirror_blue_exclusive_2lp?variant=40165214191796
  8. On a personal note, this rerelease is taking me back to ten years ago when I stumbled onto a vendor at our local record fair selling nice OPs of New Adventures in Hi-Fi and Electro-Shock Blues for $25 and $15, respectively and snagged them both. Probably the best deal I ever got, and yet it’s also convinced me to return to the record fair on a fairly regular basis (because you never know) with extremely diminishing returns.
  9. Yep. Amazon has it up for PO, I’m sure others will soon enough as well.
  10. I assume a standard version will be readily available, but there’s a limited clear/black marble version at the R.E.M. store. I have an OP but couldn’t pass up the limited vinyl/3 CD bundle cause this album rules. https://store.remhq.com/collections/new-adventures-in-hi-fi
  11. Just listening to it a few times (and having gone to the show over the weekend) I think NMG had higher highs but I like this more as an album - there are some skippable tracks for me on NMG, but I like all these songs. We’ll see how that holds up for me - I felt the same way about the last Manchester Orchestra album and now I find most of the second half pretty forgettable. Small gripe about my Smartpunk vinyl - the numbering on the plastic sleeve is great, but they printed it so the opening is at the bottom, which, doesn’t really protect the bottom from shelf wear. Is everyone else
  12. My SmartPunk version should be arriving today.
  13. No Sleep has a 35% back to school sale going on now for all orders over $20. Nabbed a test press I’ve had my eye on.
  14. New Shy, Low up for PO: https://www.athousandarms.com/collections/shop/products/shy-low-snake-behind-the-sun-2xlp
  15. For those going to the show Saturday, the venue is now requiring a negative test/proof of vaccination for entry. Seems like a lot of venues are going that way. https://www.thepageant.com/covid-19/

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