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  1. dawhizz

    Vinyl/Turntables in Movies/TV

    Wanted to throw in The Strangers to this conversation. I always think of it because earlier in the film they put on a record and "Ariel Ramierez" by Richard Buckner plays, which is off of the album Since, which has never been pressed to vinyl. It legitimately took me out of the scene because I was like, "That record does not exist."
  2. https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/10509 Even after picking up the recently 1LP represses of Fear and Dulcinea, I'm going to really want this, but I can't imagine the price will be doable for me considering they sold the single LPs for $50 each. Worth noting that the 1LP represses sound really great, so it's going to be hard for even a 2LP repress to improve on them, IMO.
  3. dawhizz


    That Losing My Religion is . . . Interesting.
  4. I have maybe 15-20. Most are of albums I really love. I’ve probably had played them all at least once (to make sure it’s actually what it claims to be), but in most of those cases, I have a regular vinyl press I would be more likely to play. A few are of albums I like OK, but picked them up cheap/around the price of the regular pressing, in which case I play the test press when I want to listen to the album, since I don’t have any other version.
  5. https://hissgoldenmessenger.bandcamp.com/merch Vinyl single reissues of Poor Moon, Haw, and Bad Debt, plus a 4 LP boxed set with those three albums + an album of rareties called Virgo Fool. it says the 4-LP box is limited to 2,200, though I can't tell if it's limited to 2,200 vinyl and 2,200 CDs, or if it's 2,200 total split between vinyl and CDs. Love HGM and the set looks cool, but I'm not sure I can do this. I own all three albums already and the only one I really love is Haw.
  6. Got my Everything box. Now need to figure out how to tastefully display my TWIABP salad fork.
  7. Just got my shipping notification on this, so looks like she’s working through them for those still waiting.
  8. dawhizz

    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    I think it’s the vocals on Grand Paradise that remind me of Modest Mouse. And it’s funny you mention Brand New because I keep thinking that Lich Prince wouldn’t sound out of place on Science Fiction.
  9. Did you get a shipping notification before it came? I ordered an everything box on 8/12 but no word yet on shipping.
  10. dawhizz

    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    Been listening to this a lot and I can’t believe how many 2000s indie touchstones I hear that I never would have associated with Foxing. Some songs sound like Modest Mouse or Radiohead. His voice sounds like Bon Iver sometimes, at other times TV on the Radio and even Band of Horses. The beginning of Lambert sounds like The National to me. Heartbeats sounds almost like a Kanye beat.
  11. I could be proved wrong, but Matador doesn’t seem likely to split pressings with other companies for something like this that will be reasonably popular. I assume if 6131 was going to press it, for instance, we would know about it when the Matador pressing was announced.
  12. Many thanks. Thrilled to snatch a TP of Home Acres.
  13. Anything you order from Little Elephant tomorrow will be on clear vinyl, if you are into that sort of thing.
  14. Did someone post about this already and I missed it? I really did look.
  15. I know there are mixed opinions of Broken World Media, but I figured I'd pass along the fact they there's currently selling pretty much everything they have in stock for $2. They are also selling a bunch of test pressings. I figured some might be interested in the TWIABP stuff if nothing else. http://store.brokenworldmedia.com/