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  1. Jesus this album is flooring me right now. https://vasa.bandcamp.com
  2. I'm not going to bite, but I figured some here might. First 250 to order get a "one time vinyl pressing" of the mystery release, but no way of knowing if you are in the top 250. Went up about an hour ago . . . https://counterintuitiverecords.limitedrun.com/products/662662
  3. I’m gonna give it one more episode, but I’m pretty close to out on this show. If everything is a simulation, no one is real, and no one really dies, there’s no stakes. I think they are exploring interesting issues, but I need something to hold onto or root for and at this point in the show, I don’t have either.
  4. Maybe people could share some recent albums they have been digging that are available on Bandcamp to give people some ideas? I've already scoured the Best Albums of 2019 list, as I do every year, but I'm always looking for more. Here are some things from this year (or from 2019 that I discovered late) that I like: -Floral Tattoo - You Can Never Have a Long Enough Head Start (TWIABP-esque emo) -David Keenan - A Beginner's Guide to Bravery (Irish singer/songwriter) -Rope and Ladder - Rope and Ladder (prog concept album) -Dead Singers - Geographic (Scottish indie folk) -Parannoul - Let's Walk on the Path of a Blue Cat (Korean instrumental mathrock) -Snooze - Familiaris (I don't even know, but it's good)
  5. If the load time for Bandcamp is any indication, this will probably end up being the busiest day in Bandcamp history.
  6. Good excuse to get that thing that’s been sitting in your wishlist.
  7. Do we figure they will stop with the represses at Brother, Sister, or will they be doing a repress of all their albums (excluding maybe the recent Untitled stuff)? Are they doing separate tours celebrating any of the subsequent albums? As maybe the one guy whose favorite mwY albums go (1) It's All Crazy, (2) Brother Sister, I'm trying to determine how best to allocate my funds.
  8. There's several UK only releases I'm interested in. I should be able to find them separately on the Bay or discogs, but if anyone has a recommendation on a UK store I might be able to order from on or around RSD that maybe has reasonable, bundleable (is that a word?) shipping to the US, let me know.
  9. No one else is going to care much (or at least I hope not), but Peter Bruntnell's Normal For Bridgwater has been a mainstay on my "would love it on vinyl but there's no way anyone's ever going to press it" list. I'm guessing it will be a UK only release and looks like it will be limited to 500, but hopefully I'll find a way to snag a copy.
  10. I know nothing about this band but POed because I’ve seen some Twitter buzz on them and both the available songs are great. Only a handful of the /100 version left. https://imgladitsyou.bandcamp.com/album/every-sun-every-moon
  11. Myrkur has gone full Loreena McKennitt and I am apparently here for it. If anyone has buyer's remorse on one of the deluxe versions, I may be interested. https://www.metalsucks.net/2020/02/11/myrkur-unveils-haunting-folk-song-leaves-of-yggdrasil/
  12. Yep, the single is great. Also being released through Dine Alone, with a /100 exclusive, but the shipping from Canada to the US is . . . Unfriendly. https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/land-of-talk
  13. I'd be here for this too. Another way to go with it would be "we're finally finding some level of success, what does that mean?" type of direction. I initially thought the line "Have you seen me lately?" in Self-Destruction was a reference to the Counting Crows song, which is about losing your personal identity in the wake of professional success (and Recovering the Satellites as an album is kind of a sneaky influence on a lot of emo/punk bands), but given the rest of the album's content I'm less convinced (although this that I found just now maybe suggests otherwise https://www.alreadyheard.com/playlist-spanish-love-songs-essential-tour-tracks/) . It feels like Schmaltz was about as much of a success as it could have been and probably brought the band bigger crowds, bigger rooms, more fans, unprecedented positive press, signing to Pure Noise, being, as they've said, on the verge of being able to be a band full time, etc. and there's something interesting to me about "what happens when the band of losers starts kind of winning?", but they seem to entirely downplay that, at least in the recent interviews I've read. Maybe that's coming next, and, if so, I'm ready for it.