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  1. New limited square cut lathe from Thumos for those interested: https://thumos.bandcamp.com/album/musica-universalis
  2. Been a long time. Got ManDancing but still looking for these if anyone has these super-available vinylz just sitting around: Soup - Children of E.L.B. Will Wood - The Normal Album (/100 w/ silk-screened jacket) Augie March - Strange Bird David Keenan - Evidence of Living Monsters Build Mean Robots - We Should Have Destroyed Our Generals Not Their Enemies The Mountain Goats - Come, Come to the Sunset Tree
  3. Not eBay, but this seems like the right thread spiritually for this test press/white label collection. https://bid.omegaauctions.co.uk/auction/details/a205-the-white-label-auction-in-aid-of-the-brit-trust---2023/?au=119
  4. Seem to only be available in Europe currently. No clue on numbers/distribution but I’m not keen on waiting. First vinyl press for Dance the Devil and first one since OP for Another Love Song. Looks like maybe this Fitzcarraldo appears to have the 1996 track list as opposed to the MOV vinyl version that was based on the original 1995 release. Looks like it’s shipping in early June. This was the cheapest I found for US shipping, though I admit I didn’t shop around a ton: https://claddaghrecords.com/search?q=Frames
  5. Those shows are cool. I attended one few years ago with Eric Bachmann from Crooked Fingers/Archers of Loaf.
  6. Represses of hard to find but pretty unpopular late era R.E.M. albums (and I say this as some who considers them my favorite band). Limited editions up on the R.E.M. site with the /500 of Around the Sun already gone, but it looks like standard issues will be available through regular channels. https://store.remhq.com/collections/vinyl https://craftrecordings.com/collections/r-e-m
  7. No vinyl for this one but I’m digging it: https://halfpacefl.bandcamp.com/album/the-same-place-youve-always-known
  8. My want list is so obscure at this point the scammers won’t even bother with anything in there, but I appreciate knowing this is going on.
  9. I was so-so on I Became Birds but the first song is good and I’m a sucker for a concept album so I’m in.
  10. Easy peasy for me. Went to the more popular shop about an hour after it opened and picked up Poe, then swing around to the less popular which had just opened snd only had a few in line and got their only copies of Tori Amos and Wilco. Was thinking I would grab a Taylor for my daughter if I saw it (she’s a huge fan but only ten and more in the Fearless/Speak Now/Red stage than Folklore) but the girl ahead of me got the last one and was super excited so I didn’t mind (and I probably would have given it to her anyway if she’s been behind me). Seems like Poe will be pretty easy to get.
  11. The new Evil Dead looks pretty sick (and pretty sick).
  12. 20% off vinyl at No Sleep. if someone wants to really dive in, a 10 record mystery box is $64 . . . https://nosleeprecords.com/collections/sale?_kx=psglVzVnSg5IfKTI6DHkA-sve9zX9qhTx-CkwCZwNKw%3D.Sc3Vdx
  13. I saw this happened on discogs. I was like - wait there’s an MO/Denzel Curry version?
  14. If we’re doing classic rock entries, I pulled out In the Court of the Crimson King recently for the first time in a while and, man, it’s still tough to beat.
  15. Bruit apparently backing M83 for a tour. Definitely didn’t see that coming. https://www.facebook.com/100054865459146/posts/pfbid0GTR2Texmh1sTY4aH5DYVNEbuDmq4XkYa4vwvyy9BzXQQ67fMBvCj6CiDkJmSt54wl/?mibextid=SDPelY
  16. Not so much in music I listen to - I’m about as busy there as I’ve ever been. I have some tags I have saved on Bandcamp, so that sends me some recommendations almost every day and several blogs that I follow where I actually check pout a lot if the stuff they recommend. I follow bands on Twitter and if they mention a band it album I’ll hit it down and check it out. It’s actually a pretty low percentage I really like and end up purchasing, but that still gives me a good number I’m picking up monthly. I am in kind of a rut on the vinyl collection side of things. This probably happens to everyone eventually, but I’m definitely getting to the point where I own most everything that’s old that I want to own except for the things that are probably too rare or too expensive for me to ever own unless I really luck into something. It’s kind of frustrating - it’s more and more likely that I spend an hour looking in a local store and walk out empty handed. I guess it’s good for the bank account but takes some if the fun out of it that everything I but anymore is new stuff.
  17. Put up a discogs listing for this today (cause no one had done it yet and I needed to have it up before I finally put it away for a bit). Feel free to make changes or add your version as appropriate. Still digging this album! https://www.discogs.com/release/26540966-SeeMoreGlass-Roaring-Paper-Spring
  18. Sold my SRC black last year and kept my rainbow. I’ll probably give this a shot.
  19. This is where I’m at as well. I’m all for repressing great albums (and this sure qualifies) but if you giving me a repress of an album that is pretty easy to obtain currently, I need more than a different color to sell me. I could be wrong, but I don’t get the sense there’s a large contingent of Weakerthans variant collectors eager to gobble this up. Most people who want to own this album probably already do.
  20. Honestly, there’s probably a pretty penny to be made making custom OBI strips for existing records. Like that dude who made sleeves for Deja Entendu with a cut out for the astronaut.
  21. Assai OBI version, but only available to UK addresses: https://assai.co.uk/products/boygenius-the-record-vinyl-lp-clear-colour-assai-obi-edition-2023

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