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  1. According to their Twitter there are more that will go up on Monday. Not sure if they are ones that are listed but showing as sold out or ones that aren’t listed at all currently.
  2. A little too rich for my blood at the moment, but some good stuff here: https://nosleeprecords.com/products/test-press-vault-1?mc_cid=1cccd8583e&mc_eid=951cbb35a1
  3. New album PO. I imagine there will be more options down the road. https://hopelessrecords.myshopify.com/collections/illuminati-hotties
  4. Yeah, I liked this fine, but I bought it at the same time I bought the Arm’s Length EP (https://armslengthontario.bandcamp.com/album/everything-nice) which is a little closer to my emo wheelhouse.
  5. Vinyl pressing of the EP that was released earlier this year to much fanfare (relatively speaking): Orange /250 through Knifepunch - https://www.knifepunchrecords.com/products/704620 Green/Bone /500 through Father/Daughter - https://www.fatherdaughterrecords.com/products/704294-home-is-where-i-became-birds
  6. American Fail on vinyl through Little Elephant for those interested: https://www.littleelephantlive.com/americanfail
  7. I hope they release all the covers from the flexis somewhere. They all sound interesting.
  8. I didn’t get into the last album but I really dig what I’ve heard of this one. Not always an easy listen, but if you wrote them off previously, they seem to be doing something different on this one.
  9. I like this band fine, but I personally can’t help feeling like everything since their first album (and even some of their first album) has been almost pastiche where it’s just very obvious where the influences come from and makes it rings a little hollow to me. The new single is catchy, but that’s because its pretty much “Because the Night” with a little Jim Steinman.
  10. I’m trying to figure out if it sounds like Young the Giant on purpose or on accident.
  11. Same. Media Mail FTW. Joined the mailing list to shave a bit more off (10%).
  12. Growing Stone (Skylar from Taking Meds) - I Had Everybody Snowed http://head2wallrecords.bandcamp.com/yum vund-3eqv
  13. I'm going to wait until they press the "Stop. Pooping." brown variant.
  14. Kind of feel the same. I really love this band and especially NMG, but the singles have not blown me away. Considered grabbing the black /300 but with $10 shipping and no apparent download code with it (I listen to a lot of music in the car and at work), I’m going to hold off and see what trickles down to the show and/or Bandcamp.
  15. It’s funny, it’s always the smaller bands/labels who are happy to provide the DL code if you ask, then the ones who sell several thousand copies of different variants couldn’t possibly.
  16. Got a response just saying they don’t come with a DL code. Was hoping they might just slip me one. ☹️
  17. I wondered this too. I could’ve sworn it came with a download code but didn’t get anything. I sent them an email.
  18. That Bruit album is so good. Elusive Sound is supposedly doing a vinyl pressing at some point and I’m terrified I’m going to miss it.
  19. I definitely didn’t have “Walmart produces an exclusive colored vinyl pressing of Anthrax’s Fistful of Metal” on my 2021 bingo card.
  20. Nice way around potential shipping damage claims. I’m surprised Second City or someone hasn’t tried that line. “We party so hard here your merchandise might get damaged by how extreme we are.”
  21. Bandcamp Friday tomorrow y’all. I haven’t heard of any special releases at this point but if you do feel free to shout them out.
  22. I believe it’s “Butter Miracle, Suite One” (which doesn’t exactly make any more sense, just noting it for the record) with Suite Two to follow and make up the whole “Butter Miracle” album. The Butter Miracle picture they have shared is grade A nightmare fuel and one of the worst things I’ve ever seen (if I was braver I would post it, but I’m not so I won’t), but the new song is pretty good, if you like Somewhere Over Wonderland (I did) and the Rolling Stone description of Suite One sounds pretty intriguing.
  23. Some cool reflections by Andy on the MO catalog here, for anyone that missed it: https://uproxx.com/indie/andy-hull-reviews-every-manchester-orchestra-album/

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