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  1. Snagged a Baulta test press through A Thousand Arms. One left and one Dust Moth at the moment if anyone’s interested. https://www.athousandarms.com/collections/test-pressings
  2. Anyone listen to Halocraft? Popped up on my Bandcamp feed recently and I’m digging it. https://halocraftofficial.bandcamp.com/album/chains-for-the-sea https://halocraftofficial.bandcamp.com/album/a-mother-to-scare-away-the-darkness
  3. That’s my thought. Might pick it up along with that Covey reissue they also just released.
  4. I need to hear more but I’m intrigued. Kind of reminds me of Carrabba’s Twin Forks project and also The Hooters(?).
  5. Yep. I thought I might be disappointed that they played the whole album, but it was incredible and loved the other songs they played. So glad I made the trip.
  6. I was kind of waning in this band, then And Nothing Hurt blew me away all over again and I saw them live in Austin and had my mind imploded, so yeah, I’m all the way in on this.
  7. Briefly considered the deluxe, but $27.50 shipping to US on top of an $83 price tag? I’ll hold off. Single has me excited though.
  8. It’s been #1 on my want list for far too long, doesn’t come up on discogs much, and seems pretty much impossible to find in the wild, so I’m gonna give this a shot. Ideally I’d love to find a trade that works out though I’m not entirely opposed to throwing in cash in a deal. Some things I’d be interested in including in a trade in some combination: -Boygenius EP tour press (sealed) -Phoebe Bridgers - Strangers in the Alps (mystery blue) -The White Stripes - Elephant (RSD white/red/black) -Jeff Tweedy - Warmer (RSD) -Jess Williamson - Native Star (tri-color #144/300) -mewithotYou - I Never Said I Was Brave EP (funfetti) -Dogleg - Melee (red) HMU if you have a copy you’re willing to part with.
  9. And yet that reply conspicuously fails to specify the year . . .
  10. I think this counts as shoegaze (some of it anyway) - New split album with Parannoul, Asian Glow, and sontos tomam conta. Vinyl /250 available through Bandcamp. https://longinusrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/downfall-of-the-neon-youth
  11. Of the Welcome to Blumhouse movies from last year, Black Box was probably the best, thought it’s more Twilight Zone than straight horror. I haven’t watched any from this year.
  12. Been working through a backlog recently: -Raw - The Titane buzz compelled me to check this out and I really liked it. Love seeing things I’ve never seen before in a movie. Highly recommend. -Creep - Great performance by Duplass and liked the ride, but a few things about the end didn’t land for me. -Daniel Isn’t Real - Tried this because I think I’d heard some people on here rave about it but it just never clicked for me. I didn’t really like the two leads, and it didn’t help that I felt like it was the adventures of young Jack White and young Patrick Bateman. Has anyone checked out any of this year’s Welcome to Blumhouse movies on Amazon Prime (Bingo Hell, Black as Night, The Manor, Madres)? I remember being excited when they announced these last year and then pretty disappointed by the movies themselves.
  13. Definitely feeling this album now that I’ve had a chance to absorb the whole thing. Does anyone who ordered the Bandstore exclusive or Deathwish exclusive happen to know if you got a download code for preordering the album?
  14. Hell yes. New Wilderun. https://centurymedia.store/dept/wilderun?cp=102832_103046_108085
  15. Not post-rock exactly (though you can hear that sound here and there in the album) but I’ve been listening to this new album from Brian Cook from Russian Circles a lot recently. It’s kind of a noisy folk album, I guess, but thought I would pass it along. https://tormentandglory.bandcamp.com/album/we-left-a-note-with-an-apology
  16. Kind of stalled out at around 80%, so bumping this.
  17. https://takethistoheartrecords.limitedrun.com/products/711584
  18. I really loved The Normal Album from last year and am excited to see what he does next. Already fully funded about 12 hours in - he's apparently much more popular than I thought. Never a big fan of the Indiegogo prices, and I'm kind of on the fence about the Bo Burnham meets Father John Misty feel of the new song (https://willwoodmusic.bandcamp.com/track/sex-drugs-rock-n-roll), but the rest of the stuff I've heard snippets of sounds great so I'll definitely talk me into the preorder late at night sometime this month (though probably not the $120 collector's edition). https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/in-case-i-make-it-the-new-album-by-will-wood--2#/
  19. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Sinners-Never-Sleep-10th-Anniversary-Exclusive-Silver-Vinyl-3LP-Signed-Art-Print/762Q0000000?utm_campaign=recordstorecoukWeek39YMA6270921&utm_content=UMGUK20147-830085&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Email

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