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  1. I assumed it would stay at $60 or go down even further because of oversaturation of flippers who stock up on the vault package. No?
  2. What's the resale market for TMR vault packages? I actually ask this because I don't want to subscribe to the vault package/don't have the money right now but I really want to buy the Dead Weather album and 7'' in the future. I'm just wondering if the price will just skyrocket and it's just better if I buy it now (saving up whatever pennies that I have).
  3. saw it on the list but haven't seen it listed anywhere ebay included
  4. I figured that this thread should have links to all the sites that are putting up their RSD inventory so as not to be confused with other sites that just have sales of non-RSD items.
  5. Got them for friends but they don't want them anymore. RaRaRiot - Binary Mind 10'' -$18 Chelsea Wolfe/ King Dude - $14 David Bowie Stars - $13 Shipping included in price! PM me.
  6. Interesting movie, but not mind blowing. More of "a great dvd rental than a pay $10 at movie theater to see" movie.
  7. 2001 Space Odyssey + Moon + Independence Day + Score from "Sunshine" = Oblivion
  8. What law school did he go to and how well did he do? Because Princeton doesn't have a law school. The ABA doesn't let students work more than 20 hrs a week anyways.
  9. Why not have a room on tinychat instead www.tinychat.com/vinylcollectiveboards
  10. Reckless has a bunch of stuff up, including Cave-In http://www.reckless.com/rsd_static.html
  11. Update: Apparently this guy has no life and has created an instagram account intended to hound Fingerprints. http://web.stagram.com/n/dmbvinylboxsetrsd/ Enjoy!
  12. I know some people like T.S.O.L. on these boards there's a RSD 45 test pressing for sale http://store.tkorecords.com/tsol-youdonthavetodie-7testpressinglimit1perperson.aspx don't know much about it but research/buy away!
  13. Some stuff posted up on http://vacationvinyl.bigcartel.com/

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