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  1. Rust also available here: https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/Life-Metal-Limited-Edition-Double-Rust-Vinyl-LP/64SZ0000000 , 36.99 €
  2. https://hotstuff.se/3lp-ghost-2018-albums-package-limited-numbered-edition-of-99-copies/70990
  3. Another one: https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/sleep-dopesmoker_exclusive_2lp?variant=21279026806889
  4. I was told they closed the preorder before they had their allocated 100 copies sold out, so I guess you're fine.
  5. Record Store X (in Finland) had a preorder for this for a while, now it's not available anymore. I managed to preoder it then and today I asked do they have any details about it. They said they were only getting 100 copies for all their stores and they were all sold out in preorder. Apparently comes out here 18th of May. https://www.recordshopx.com/artist/sleep_usa/the_sciences/#582948
  6. Lathe cuts: http://www.royalmintrecords.com/music/king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard-polygondwanaland-12-lp Sorry if already posted (I checked but didn't see).
  7. I don't have to show them anything, I just tell them that I don't appreciate if they lie to me. I frequently visit their stores and I feel as a customer it's good to give feedback to businessess to help them improve their services. I honestly hope people who preordered from X can get their blue OKC's. Perhaps my order was too late, that's ok with me.
  8. Ordered on wednesday, email arrived on friday. Please let me know if you really receive this, I'm going to give them some feedback if they bullshit me.
  9. Really? I received this email: Hi there, The wholesale informed us that they won't be getting copies of that blue vinyl, it's been sold out beforehand unfortunately. Would you like to choose the black one instead or should we cancel your order? Sorry for this mess! Yours, Timo, X Moi, Tukkuri ilmoitti ettei saa toimitettua tuota sinistä vinyyliä yhtään kappaletta meille, se on myyty lafkalta loppuun ennakkoon. Haluatko valita mustan vinyylin tilalle vai perummeko sen tilauksestasi? Pahoittelut tästä säätämisestä! t: Timppa, ÄX The text in Finnish says that they didn't get any copies of the blue version.
  10. I ordered three copies from Numero Group today and asked one of each variant. Received a message soon after saying they are already out of the red copies. So I asked two white and one black. I'll try to hunt down a red copy on RSD but if I fail, I'm open for trades.
  11. Billy selling autographed vinyl: http://www.madamezuzus.com/sp-vinyl-sale Check out those prices...
  12. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/angelo-baldamenti-lost-highway-soundtrack/628366-01/