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  1. Without going into detail - the manufacturer of the vinyl had to stop production mid-way due to personal issues and so really MerchDirect wasn't at fault here in regards to how they went about ordering this. That's probably all I can say without feeling like I'm saying too much.
  2. eeeehhh...dantheriver I will agree the communication was crap
  3. I got mine finally! However I do need to add a rather interesting story here which I have been holding back since it happened... I work around the block from MerchDirect. I was coming out of Dunkin Donuts and was stopped by a guy asking me where I worked. I told him and then by looking at him I was like "oh ya...let me guess you work at Merch Direct?" and he goes "Ya..." and so I went off on how I didn't get my Glassjaw vinyl yet, etc. The guy just stares at me and bursts out laughing going "ya...I am Glassjaw...". It was Justin. I don't know how both my friend and I didn't recognize him! He was really fucking nice. He explained a very long story about why these took the length of time they did (which I promised him I wouldn't tell anyone) but he felt really shitty about the whole situation. I am glad these finally arrived and I'm sure he's pretty relieved too. So with that said, I am lacking photos but I'll post them up later. I have the following: 41/120 - Clear, Green, Blue 66/120 - Orange, Red, Clear
  4. susieslaughter

    Riot Fest 2015

    ^^ you are the best.
  5. susieslaughter

    PO: Tigers Jaw - Charmer

    any idea if they will have any variants on tour with touche? seeing them when they come to long island in july.
  6. susieslaughter

    Riot Fest 2015

    does anyone know when locker rentals are going up for sale? i missed that boat last year and we spent an incredible saves the day set shivering with soaked sneakers & clothing.
  7. susieslaughter

    Riot Fest 2015

    I actually went through Airbnb for Chicago this year...I've done it once before for Austin and it worked out really great. This year we booked an apartment in Chicago for the four of us and it ended up costing about $50/night per person which from what I experienced last year is cheaper than the hotels. Plus it's got a rooftop grill, full kitchen, etc so we figured it would help us out big time considering we will be there for 5 days. Decided against flying this year, instead rented a super gas-friendly car to drive from Long Island to Chicago. 13 sweet ass hours...
  8. apparently someone on the gl forum got in touch with them: "got info. the production company has not completed making the vinyl and do not have a ship date for them yet. it seems making 120 different colored vinyl are harder than they think."
  9. where the hell are these? did i miss something and everyone got theirs but me?
  10. susieslaughter

    Labor Unions

    Unions have a time and place. Unions are not what they used to be and it's unfortunate. The political agenda gets in the way most of the time and most Unions end up hurting everyone involved. My grandmother was a public school teacher and did not always agree with the things her Union faught for - especially when they would force her to go on strike at the expensive fo the children's education. She felt they created an environment where the children's education was always being put at risk each time the Union got cranky and for those who genuinely CARED about doing their job, it was very upseting and disruptive. Not only that but how can the Unions demand higher pay for teachers when the tax payers are having a hard time demanding profficient teachers who can educate our children?
  11. susieslaughter

    The Brand New Thread

    and it's very possible jesse sounded better back then but lately it sounds like his voice just isn't making it.
  12. susieslaughter

    Sebadoh (where's a good place to start?)

    i agree with anyone suggesting bakesale. it's amazing. unfortunately i can't say their new album is doing anything for me.
  13. susieslaughter

    The Brand New Thread

    i've seen brand new twice. coming from someone who has been a fan for almost a decade...i can honestly say i wasn't impressed with either show. in fact, i remember when they played with glassjaw during their tour for daisy over at nassau colesium. i was at a bar for the after party waiting for everyone to get out of the show...people ended up leaving early and showing up at the bar saying jesse sounded like shit. the show i saw in huntington, long island in november like 2 years ago...jesse sounded like shit. i saw them again at riot fest in chicago this year and guess what?...jesse sounded like shit. can anyone honestly say brand new sounds good live? i'd say instrumentally they are usually spot on live but jesse's voice lacks everytime.
  14. susieslaughter

    PO: Mansions - Doom Loop

    Nov 12th release...so PO is any day now yea?