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  1. $5 per song might be a little steep for me. Maybe I’ll hold out in hopes some variants sit and hit the discount rack and some point.
  2. Preordered deluxe and a butterfly though Hopeless, was definitely cheaper than TWY site.
  3. New album from The Midnight called Heroes out September 9th, new single “Heartbeat” out now. Signed Deluxe 3xLP Marbled Violet (sold out) Deluxe 3xLP Marbled Violet https://store-us.themidnightofficial.com/collections/heroes/products/heroes-deluxe-3lp-marbled-violet Signed 2xLP Blue https://store-us.themidnightofficial.com/collections/heroes/products/signed-heroes-lp-blue 2xLP Blue (unsigned) https://store-us.themidnightofficial.com/collections/heroes/products/heroes-lp-blue
  4. I can’t remember how many copies of this I ordered between the site bugging out and making sure I got one
  5. Got my POOE. Great packaging, hope the rest of the Chimaira albums get pressed. Also the 3 remixed tracks sound absolutely massive. I cannot stress enough how much better they sound.
  6. Hassle may not have distribution rights to the title in the States. They traditionally ship to the US but on the product page it says “this product only ships to the UK.” I imagine Warner cares enough to print money with this release that they’ll repress it eventually here.
  7. This is going to be a nightmare for two absolutely nightmarish variants. Wonder if this has new mastering or utilizes new plates from the last presses.
  8. Newbury mostly receives a variant from a much larger pressing and then charges 25-50% more. They aren’t really doing much different from any other retailer except capitalizing a bit more on being exclusive.