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  1. Still waiting on my record release copy - ordered it with a hoodie, maybe that’s holding it up.
  2. I came home to find this at my house today. Honestly forgot about this and I was completely confused because I didn’t remember ordering any records recently.
  3. I slept on getting the Polar Similar box set and MerchNow has that bundled with the new record for 75$, so I’m gonna get one of those. New song is good - sounds like a mix of the last two records.
  4. All I wanted was MCR but it looks to be a hot item. Hope they repress it eventually.
  5. They have the gold at Bledfest. I’m probably going to buy it.
  6. Doesn't look like anything. Really looks like BWM hasn't been as active overall in the past couple months. Sorority Noise has two shirts for sale that I saw on Facebook, though.
  7. Maybe. That clear variant that was mentioned earlier might end up being a tour variant, though.
  8. Super stoked. I Am King is probably one of my most listened to records of recent memory. Expecting the new album to lean even more on nu-metal and get really weird.