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  1. NEW Wolf Blood vinyl! We’re crowd funding this release so it needs to hit the target to get pressed. Please share, thx! New PO- WOLF BLOOD May 1st. https://qrates.com/projects/15990-tsunami-home-12- Minneapolis band WOLF BLOOD are heading back into the studio this July to finish they’re long awaited 2nd album. To tide fans over till then they’ll release a limited run 12” single for the haunting track “Tsunami” on colored vinyl. Backed by the crushing brand new song “Home”. Pre-orders start May 1st through Qrates.com and run until May 30th. Stream both songs at wolfblood666.bandcamp.com starting May 1st.
  2. Thanks! We are too, it’s been a long time coming.
  3. New PO- WOLF BLOOD https://qrates.com/projects/15990-tsunami-home-12-single free download https://wolfblood666.bandcamp.com/music info https://www.facebook.com/wbminneapolis/
  4. https://thesoundofvinyl.us/eight-arms-to-hold-you-limited-edition.html
  5. US pre-order http://www.outerbatteryrecords.com -WHITE or BLACK vinyl UK/World : http://www.burningworldrecords.com - WHITE, GOLD or BLACK vinyl
  6. Pre-order the debut LP by WOLF BLOOD from Duluth, MN @ http://www.burningworldrecords.com on August 27th. Limited to 300 copies. Official release date October 1st 2014. Tour dates: http://www.facebook.com/wbduluthmn Stream it for free @ http://wolfblood666.bandcamp.com From Burning World: Burning World Records is extremely proud to add another high quality act to the roster. After signing bands like Monomyth, Conan, Slomatics, Nihill and Altar Of Plagues (to name but a few) we can announce that WOLF BLOOD from Minnesota will join our label with their debut album this fall. The 4-piece band has the songs, the power and the riffs, like Windhand and Goatsnake before them. After selling out the entire first cassette-pressing of their debut album in less than a week, WOLF BLOOD is set to release the vinyl version of the self-titled monster in October 1st 2014. Formed in a dank basement during the infamous 2012 Duluth, Minnesota flood, guitarist Mike Messina and drummer Jake Paulsrud (Dad's Acid) started writing psycho-sludge experiments that sounded too stoned to be metal, and too baneful to be indie-rock. They recruited renown hard-core guitar sorceress Mindy Johnson (The Keep Aways) and magi-roots bassist Brian Wells to flesh-out their menacing sound. This seven-song recording opens with the haunting single Witch. From there…you’re on your own for the next 35 feral, blood stained minutes.