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  1. Does the physical copy come with a download card? MerchNow has been completely useless when I asked if they could provide a link for a download while I'm waiting for the album to ship.
  2. Has anybody received a shipping confirmation from MerchNow/Hopeless for this?
  3. I'm glad they revised the packaging to make it more of a uniformed release rather than just slapping together 3 unrelated EPs. It also preserves the packaging of the original releases.
  4. UK CD and OG LP copies had parental advisory stickers on the cover.
  5. Got my shipping confirmation from End Hits for the box set.
  6. Matt from FFAF just posted a pic of the box set so I imagine End Hits will be shipping in the next week or so.
  7. It's very likely that the band just didn't want this variant sold (yet or not at all). Same thing happened with the test pressings for the Vein album. Important Records sold copies of it. When the band found out, they ask Important to recall them. They sent emails to the folks to who bought them and asked them to return the record. Don't remember if there was an incentive to return it but i kept mine.
  8. Really hope they do a Rock Action 20th anniversary edition next year. It would be a good opportunity to round up all of the tour EP tracks along with the My Father My King single on a second (or third) LP. It would also be a good opportunity to finally release the Take Me Somewhere Nice documentary or at least the Rothesay Pavilion live show from when the album was released.
  9. First pressing on vinyl. https://shop.thisisdig.com/uk/artists/idlewild/warnings-promises-2lp-black.html US Link https://store.rhino.com/warnings-promises.html Also, looks like there's a repress of Captain on vinyl (or they found old stock from the 2020 pressing) https://shop.thisisdig.com/uk/captain-1lp.html Edit: Captain is out of stock now. Now I'm wondering if it was either relisted by accident or it was indeed old stock from the 2020 pressing and they only had a handful left. Glad I ordered it if it really was available. But now I'm expecting an email from Dig saying that it wasn't really in stock.
  10. Org Music confirmed that the Punk Note variant is delayed. All the shops I've seen have the release date at 10/8 so I'm guessing the Punk Note is delayed to that date at the very least.
  11. Glad I went with the clear box set. Looks like a well put together package.
  12. Assuming that End Hits got the licensing from Warners to press more than 500 copies of each album, it wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility that individual copies of each album could be pressed. Not sure there would be a US release from End Hits. Chances are, a US label would have to license the albums from Warners.
  13. Given the turnaround time it takes to manufacture vinyl, I'm guessing these have been on order at the pressing plant since late last year. I think Matt made a post about the test pressing for Tales earlier this year, if I recall correctly. Either way, I'm glad the release date is next month instead of next year.
  14. Ordered. Nice to finally have Tales on vinyl. Now I can retire my OG presses of Casually and Hours.
  15. I have OG copies of the rest of the studio catalogue from here, so passing on this. Really hoping that, based on the sales of the previous three, they do a reissue of Royal Albert Hall. Then I can finally rid myself of the Plain reissue of that.
  16. Amazon said my box should arrive next Thursday. But I got charged today so I’m hoping it arrives earlier.
  17. Following up on this again. Has anybody who ordered The Bronx issue of New Noise Magazine received their copy yet? I'm about to file a claim with Paypal because the magazine haven't responded to my emails. But I don't want to jump the gun just yet.
  18. I love that Joby is still using that rubber stamp for his autographs and that Brad has started to do the same.
  19. It says the b-side for the 7” is TBC. If they’re replicating the original single art, I think replicating the original track list would be expected. But we’ll see.
  20. Ordered the gold but if this pops up at another shop (Bullmoose, etc), I'm canceling from S1D because fuck only offering Priority as the lowest shipping option.
  21. Grabbed a Dinked Edition from a UK shop. Nice to finally have a 7" for the Shadows Fall EP. Would have preferred Simian Technology left on the album proper and Time Travel (the hidden track on the CD) on the flexi. But there you go.
  22. Wonder if there’s also a delay of the Punk Note from the official store.

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