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  1. i feel the same this would be rad. i remember buying music mags back in the day and loving the flexi i think i may have an old mad magazine with a flexi in the middle.
  2. I know they sell them. ther used to be an ad on here that was for these but they were over priced. most record store owners i know just build their own.
  3. thank you for posting this! i was bummed when i found out my store didnt get any copies of the jp7. i ordered the presale special. excited to get this!
  4. i play them but only at my place an i am the only one to handle them, unless i really trust someone.
  5. ive got pics of a chunk of my collection. been meaning to get the rest finished but got sidetracked and never got around to it. see my pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vinylme/
  6. ordered a package deal. never heard these guys i hope its good. ordered to help scott out with getting his label going. everyone should get a copy of this to help scott out. he also seems to have pretty good taste in music.
  7. Im glad this was successful hopefully it happens more. I know with every whatever order i placed i ordered regular records as well.
  8. also the only horrorcore rap i ever got into was Tha Gravediggaz.