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  1. i feel the same this would be rad. i remember buying music mags back in the day and loving the flexi i think i may have an old mad magazine with a flexi in the middle.
  2. I know they sell them. ther used to be an ad on here that was for these but they were over priced. most record store owners i know just build their own.
  3. thank you for posting this! i was bummed when i found out my store didnt get any copies of the jp7. i ordered the presale special. excited to get this!
  4. i play them but only at my place an i am the only one to handle them, unless i really trust someone.
  5. ive got pics of a chunk of my collection. been meaning to get the rest finished but got sidetracked and never got around to it. see my pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vinylme/
  6. ordered a package deal. never heard these guys i hope its good. ordered to help scott out with getting his label going. everyone should get a copy of this to help scott out. he also seems to have pretty good taste in music.
  7. Im glad this was successful hopefully it happens more. I know with every whatever order i placed i ordered regular records as well.
  8. also the only horrorcore rap i ever got into was Tha Gravediggaz.
  9. they had a report on this a couple of weeks ago on one of the big news channels and they interviewed some of the kids horrorcore idols and they all called the kid an idiot.
  10. what made this guy snap like that was it because it took a long time to get responses. ive been excited about some ebay steals ive gotten in the past but i never felt the need to post about it and expect everybody to pat me on the back for my score.
  11. japan hmmmm good chance they might be bootlegs.
  12. shit i hope i can get the money together before this is gone.
  13. got mine today. I got In The Red Vol2 on red and 36 Crazy Fists : The Tide And Its Takers on blue black pretty stoked for 5 bucks! Thanks Virgil!
  14. Ordered one of these with a few other records I've been meening to pick up. Cant wait to see what I get.
  15. Great idea Virgil! Thank you! requested the Takers album.
  16. Pearl Jam - The Fixer 7" white Modest Mouse - Satellite Skin 7" orange

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