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  1. that limited edition cd looks cool but $50, I dont know. I preordered the vinyl 17.99 seemed a little high but the rev rocks.
  2. its a mac mini, but it will work as an apple tv as well.
  3. I have one standing and one on its side. I have a 40 inch lcd sitting on top of the one on its side and 150 - 200 7in in a travel box on top of the one standing up. I have both mounted to the wall because I live in cali and I have to think about earthquakes. I think if an expedit is assembled properly it would be fine without the wall mounts.
  5. did anyone else notice that the om record doesnt have the singles club stamp on the back like the others do.
  6. this happened to me when i would play hiphop records. what i discovered was that my turntable was getting some vibration due to the cheap cabinet my table was on as well as my hard wood floors. to fix the problem i got a piece of extra carpet and put in under my cabinet and adjusted the springs on the legs of my turntable. i also moved my speakers a little further from the turntable and this solved my problem. you may also need to add a little more weight to your stylus with the adjusting knob.
  7. I have a po box and this has never happened to me, they always leave me a slip. I talk with all the carriers at the post office and they know that I usually get records or prints so they know to handle my packages with care. Also a couple times a year I will come in and give them a big box of cookies or something from the local bakery down the street. To thank them for the extra care taken for my packages, they all know me by name now and I never have to wait in line when they see me walk through the door they grab my stuff when they go back to grab the customer they are helping stuff.
  8. Thats cool, but this should be posted in the sales/trades board.
  9. sure enough theres someone selling one for $400 buy it now http://cgi.ebay.com/Isis-Shades-of-the-S....3%3A1| 294%3A50
  10. Or Robotic Empire got sick of trying to sell them through ebay and let the band sell them at shows. Or better yet it was part of their master plan to keep the price down so flippers wouldnt try to sell them for more. Have any been popping up on ebay lately. I remember when it was released robotic was all about cutting off the flippers.
  11. thanks for the post. and Thanks var for the downloads!
  12. Its all because your straight edge friend was buying a keg for his birthday. Isnt that a big straight edge no-no. One of his straight edge friends prolly narked you guys out.
  13. I got yelled at for putting a link in a nsfw thread and i didnt warn on my post it was nsfw even though it said porn in the link next time i will be more careful and put sufficient warning in my posts.
  14. On the subpop site they say its going to be a good one.
  15. haha its like the lp is the frisbee and the 7 is the coaster. Thanks dude awesome idea! +1
  16. mexican pepsi and coke are made with real sugar and not syrup. thats why i always get a bottle when i go to mexican food.
  17. just finished my 7" list. Trying to decide if I want to upload pics for my 7's or move on to next category.