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  1. I was expecting to be able to order a 7” box similar to Brothers…wonder why that’s not an option this time around.
  2. I bought Frances from GSL back in 2005, felt extremely expensive at the time, and got curious with the new release. So I just checked the inflation calculator; $50 in 2005 is equivalent to ~$68 in 2021. The difference is the 2005 was gitd, included FTM/Widow, and came in a red vinyl storage sleeve.
  3. Are you talking about the cantilever or stylus that should be angled? Regardless, your cartridge looks way to close like the counterweight isn’t set properly. To much weight is bad for records. Each stylus has a recommended tracking force. A stylus forge gauge can be purchased cheaply and then you know your at the correct weight.
  4. I bought this, not looking to sell, but don’t think that it is a good release and definitely not worth the current price. There is WAY to much sibilance. No idea if it’s just my copy or if that was how they EQd for the vinyl. My CD box set was a significantly better experience for me though. I generally prefer vinyl, but not this.
  5. Without taking production or pressing issues into consideration, I will say that $50 for 8 songs is the real concern for me and the 3 singles are the same as what's on the LP. It also struck me that the heaviest song (arguably) "Marchin' On" is a rinse and repeat formula of the song "F.O.L" from 10 years ago.
  6. My box set is strange. LP is translucent violet and looks like the stock images. However all 3 7" singles are opaque purple. Anyone else have the same color disparity?
  7. I received my copy of NotLD from Newbury Comics last week. Still haven't received shipping notice from WW though for my other copy. ***Looking for that subscriber who doesn't want any of their NotLD package. Vinyl, poster, shirt, etc. Send me a message to work something out.***
  8. Yes, I bought this edition because it was limited to 500. I also have the Teargarden 7" singles limited to 250. Does that mean I bought them to flip? No; I bought them to collect. Some people are fans of the band and actually collect records. My avatar is Billys Big Muff pedal with the Siamese Dream settings. Regardless, bait and switch is still not right and for that I'm upset
  9. Anyone want to retweet? I don't use twitter much... https://twitter.com/mirrorboxer/status/1042131606247563265
  10. I pre-ordered days ago. Apparently they have no problem with bait and switch. I sent an email asking for an explanation why just "Limited" and no longer /500 EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE VIA THE NAPALM RECORDS MAILORDER AND ONLINE STORE! Strictly Limited Napalm Records Mailorder Edition in 180g GOLD VINYL in Gatefold Cover
  11. Anyone have an idea when Night of the Living Dead is planned for release? That's the one I'm most interested in this year.
  12. I didn't see that Billy had said that the reissue LP was going to be Stereo. If I had to guess I would assume that this was going to be MONO since the original was MONO and Disc 2 of the CD boxset is the remastered MONO edition. But then again I haven't heard anything concrete so this is nothing more than my 2 cents to the discussion.
  13. I'm interest in Sigur Ros - Von Condition? Price? send me a PM

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