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  1. just threw some rare converge records on eBay.
  2. Just threw up some rare Converge records on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/usr/ngraphics1991
  3. The Devil Wears pray - With Roots above and branches below on both purple and clear. http://www.ebay.com/usr/ngraphics1991
  4. Bump everything will be thrown up on eBay after today.
  5. SOLD plagues on mint and zombie ep on grey. All shipments will go out on tuesday.
  6. Selling off my The Devil Wears Prada collection. I don't quite listen to them as much as I used to so I figured a variant collector on here might want to add to their collection. Taking serious offers only. messages asking how much, will be ignored. I have every pressing and variant aside from their new release Space EP. For a full listing check my signature (dead format account.) Thanks. EDITED: AVAILABLE: DEAD THRONE: -Green with splatter -Half Black/Clear Splatter WITH ROOTS ABOVE AND BRANCHES BELOW: -Blue -Green -Clear 8:18 -Light Blue -Pink -Black -Boxset DEAR LOVE/PLAGUES -Clear
  7. threw another batch on eBay. Unloved and weeded / Petitioning the empty sky / When forever comes crashing down.
  8. 3rd wave has been posted. Most of my copies of unloved and weeded out. When forever comes crashing down and petitioning the empty sky.
  9. 3rd wave of records went up. Unloved and Weeded out variants and you fail me.
  10. 3rd wave of records have been thrown up. Mainly Unloved and weeded out, and you fail me.
  11. Second wave of records get dropped on ebay tomorrow 6/19/15 at 2pm

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