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  1. There's a red vinyl limited edition on sale on various online stores.
  2. I think that the silver can't be a 500 copies limited. Received many mails from many stores with the silver edition on sale.
  3. I'm not a box set lover but this edition is so good for the price and for the music inside, 4 lp, dvd and 2 cd plus the bonus materials. I haven't find the press numbers for that box..
  4. ordered the box set, it seems to be really good for that price
  5. Really thanks guys, so happy to have these albums on vinyl!
  6. Just received silver Lp... no 7" but inside i found a soundgarden badmotorfinger logo 7" adaptor. First order for me with UMG and for sure the last one. Worst customer service ever EDIT Jesus Christ Pose 7" arrived just now!