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  1. EU: https://www.cmdistro.de/Artist/At_The_Gates/1483?Page=1&PageSize=25&Sort=13 EMP EXCLUSIVE: https://www.emp-online.it/p/the-nightmare-of-being/503270.html EYESORE MERCH EXCLUSIVE: https://eyesoremerch.com/pre-order-at-the-gates-the-nightmare-of-being-lp-eyesore-exclusive-petrol-green-vinyl-release-date-2nd-july-2021?mc_cid=a1392ece8d&mc_eid=3d99f2f69d USA: https://centurymedia.store/search/?storeId=4987&includeArtistSearch=false&searchTerm=at+the+gates
  2. These are the variants live now: WHITE VINYL https://eyesoremerch.com/pre-order-opeth-blackwater-park-20th-anniversary-reissue-2lp-white-vinyl-release-date-16th-july-2021 DARK GREEN (Nuclear Blast exclusive 250) https://www.nuclearblast.de/en/products/tontraeger/vinyl/2lp/opeth-blackwater-park-dark-green-vinyl.html BAND VARIANTS https://opeth.tmstor.es/products/search OMERCH https://www.omerch.com/shop/opeth
  3. https://beartreerecords.com/products/deftones-white-pony-20th-anniversary?_pos=1&_sid=8ff483f5f&_ss=r
  4. I see that a Uk store have listed the Indie exclusive on white vinyl... can be true???
  5. Anyone knows if there's an european retailers for dischord records?
  6. OMG what a track! Never listened this band before, a mix of Mastodon and Opeth Just bought a gold and black variant Thank you
  7. I haven't received the mail with tracking number, anyone like me?
  8. https://napalmrecords.com/deutsch/the-lunar-injection-kool-aid-eclipse-conspiracy-green-glow-in-the-dark-splatter-vinyl.html still available here
  9. I haven't received yet the shipping mail for the exclusive clear 😔 Someone the same?
  10. Trying to contact the Deftones store to know something about , but no answer from them 😏 I haven't any link to check the status of my order 😟
  11. When will be shipped the clear variant from the official store?
  12. Same feeling, but it's one of the best '90 new metal/post hardcore album for me.

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