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  1. This Ulla release is incredible, repress/300 up now: https://boomkat.com/products/tumbling-towards-a-wall
  2. Something to be said for Drag City not offering any pressing gimmicks ever, just putting out high quality product for fans of their artists. Pressing sounds wonderful and the record is incredible. Bill is one of the greats.
  3. I think I read there'd be a preorder this Friday, 4/19. In the meantime, Rough Trade has copies of their RSD stock online: https://roughtrade.com/us/music/sunn-o-life-metal , which I assume are black.
  4. Looks like they sent out another code for a ticketmaster presale at 1 pm est today. This time for all members.
  5. This album fucking rips. Is there a better rock and roll band on the planet?
  6. Maybe a Secretly Society exclusive? Thought that about the new Ryley Walker too.
  7. Some signed black copies here, 50 bucks-ish: https://revolvemerchandise.shop/products2/slowdive-slowdive-signed-blk-lp-vinyl-record
  8. Awesome song, best band. It's great that the Loser Edition is on black too. Kinda bummed about the cover art, though - love Froberg's illustrations.
  9. Secretly Store just released a "VERY limited" amount of the Blue Japanese version.
  10. Not a fan of this dude. Had a brief run in with him once (he was a dick), and he fucked me and a bunch of people over with a Kickstarter years back. New Ducktails stuff is mediocre at best - terrible lyrics, not much guitar. His playing in Real Estate was great, so it's a bummer.
  11. Got my deluxe w slipmat today and it's totally black vinyl. Nice heavyweight copy, but calling this color vinyl is beyond a stretch. I would think these are mistakes.
  12. Anyone else see this? New GAS album up for preorder! https://bleep.com/release/81872-gas-narkopop?utm_source=Bleep&utm_campaign=f0ad1f1890-GAS+Narkopop&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_db8ca97389-f0ad1f1890-1109669
  13. Book seems cool, haven't gone through it much yet. I was a bit disappointed with the "print" that was included as it's really just a folded up poster. Not really suitable for framing with the creases, but it's a nice photo. I guess it was free after all.