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  1. packing the last round of records tomorrow and Friday. bump because i'm willing to take nearly any price to get these out the door. feel free to offer.
  2. bumping up with my updated list for this week. prob the last week i'm selling stuff from this list.
  3. list updated once again! feel free to make any offer on anything. i'm shipping tomorrow.
  4. list is updated and i added some details of "bundles" i will do for real cheap.
  5. Last round of sales for this list. I think I only have six LP mailers left. I'd like to get around $5 a pop, but willing to sell these in sets of 3-4 records per LP mailer for nearly any cost. Please feel free to offer. PAPER + PLASTICK RECORDS Aspiga - Every Last Piece - Brown w/ Red Splatter Junior Battles - Idle Ages - Clay Junior Battles - Idle Ages - Light Blue/Gold Make Do and Mend - Part and Parcel - Black Make Do and Mend - Part and Parcel - Lighter Yellow Mix Reverse The Curse - Hither & Yon - Clear Light Blue Reverse The Curse - Hither & Yon - Clear Tin Horn Prayer - Grapple The Rails - Clear w/ Gray Splatter Tin Horn Prayer - Grapple The Rails - Gray Tin Horn Prayer - Get Busy Dying - Black Everything else Half Hearted Hero - Whatever - White Have Mercy / Daisyhead - Split - Clear w/ Screened B-side Weaks, The - Bad Year - Blue Young Statues - Age Isn't Ours - Yellow
  6. Hello! Long time no post here. I am selling off a chunk of my record collection as I save up for a wedding (getting married early next year!). Quite a few of these LPs are Paper + Plastick Records titles but the majority are various punk, pop-punk, indie rock, etc. Red = sold Yellow = on hold Sorry to link out to a Google Sheet, but it makes it much easier to manage when selling on social media and via email -- hope y'all don't mind too much. Here is the full list for sale: http://sry.wtf/records4sale Not really trying to break anyone's bank here. Just looking for a few spare bucks to toss into the wedding fund and clear some shelf space! At this point in the sale I am happy to start letting things go for $10, $15, $20 (with some exceptions), especially if folks are trying to combine a few LPs into one purchase. I am also throwing in a free 7" into every package (7"s not listed) until I run out. http://sry.wtf/records4sale PS, if anyone is looking for Bad Timing Records test presses, I am open to considering offers on some titles due to the nature of needing to save up some cash. Usually these are off limits but willing to have a convo!
  7. info about that coming monday. was going to be this week, but we know lots of people are doing family things as early as yesterday.
  8. truly never thought it would. quite a few things changed. we had the opportunity to do a simple run (500 units, just one color) so we jumped at it.
  9. the second pressing of DUTDa and second pressing of NBF will be available in a bundle as well http://badtimi.ng/MansionsBTR can save a few bucks. if you wanna make a big order, our holiday sale will begin on Wednesday at 2pm EST as well. same time as these go up for sale. these won't be eligible for the discount, though. these records should ship within a week, too.
  10. third devinyl split has been delayed a sad amount of time. makes me upset thinking about it. but they should be shipping soon from the plant and we're shooting for mid-october shipping along with Brother's Blood and Matter of Time.
  11. we wrote on the product page in mid-october ... they just wrapped up at the plant today so that should be right on target.

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