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  1. Hopefully I get some free shit then haha. Or even the stuff I paid for in general. Is this label ran by the ormolycka guy now?
  2. I've been waiting on tapes I ordered in February with no Response from you. Did anybody end up getting their shit?
  3. Copped a pink televape these are going to be sold out here soon. 54 remaining as of now
  4. I know dkrtz is going to try and grab one for me when he goes in Novrmber but it falls through can ya help me out with One? Pleeeaaseee haha
  5. Really late on the list but if somebody could grab me a salt tape I'd really appreciate it. The tour is not coming near me
  6. Does anybody have a copy of remember- route back home they'd like to get rid of? Missed out on the reissue they did and realllly want a copy. Preferably not at flipper prices ha
  7. Most recently: 2814- rain temple remember- welcome to axico industries Yesterday I got the Macintosh plus- floral shoppe comfort zone remixes in the mail from lost angles and found the score of poltergeist from a thrift store. waiting on the new virtual dream plaza tape from dream catalogue to come in as well basically a lot of vaporwave stuff haha
  8. I've been wanting black earth for a really long time, super excited for this. I actually need to dig deeper into their discography.
  9. Really digging the stuff your putting out! Got brittle Brian and bulldog eyes from ya already. I got one of the lighters with the bulldog eyes order but it went through the dryer will be coping this and emune
  10. Anybody get a shipping confirmation or know if there was a delay with these? Just asking since the page mentioned preorders should be shipped to arrive for release date. I've been holding off on listening to this until the record comes in as its been one of my most highly anticipated releases this year, i want to hear it so bad but I gotta stay strong! Haha
  11. Got the new remember from plus100 yesterday. This release is so good. It's surprising how long some of the plus100 stuff takes to sell out compared to other labels. Wish I would have orderd the telepath/useless tapes before they were gone. Hopefully he reissues it
  12. Cool thanks mang! Previous years I never really paid attention to the releases. And Yea I thought the whole "cassette store day" title was kinda silly haha
  13. Interested in the Elliott smith comp and xiu xiu. your normally able to get stuff online tho right? Not sure if shops near me are participating.
  14. Damn missed the remember tape did anybody grab a copy they would be willing to sell at cost?
  15. Kinda feel the same way haha. I'm trying hard not to listen to this too many times before the record comes in
  16. Man the new comp is so good. That weird honey cover is beautiful

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