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  1. If you haven't yet, feel free to check out my FB group dedicated to CLUTCH vinyl: Clutch - A Vinyl Compendium of All Pro-Rock and Affiliates
  2. I'm at about 100 TP's now. Assholeparade | LHIGHVE | 10" | Deep Six - TEST PRESS | Black vinyl | /100, Tan cover 8" Assuck | Anticapital | LP | Sound Pollution - TEST PRESS | Black vinyl | /5, from Ken at SP Assuck | Anticapital | LP | Sound Pollution - TEST PRESS | Black vinyl | /5, from Ken at SP Bakerton Group, The | s/t | LP | Emetic - TEST PRESS | Black vinyl | #4/5 180g vinyl, feat members of Clutch Bitchin' | The Night Life, The Tight Style | LP | No Idea - TEST PRESS | Black vinyl | 1 of 8 Blacktop Cadence | Chemistry For Changing Times | LP | No Idea - TE
  4. I've created a bunch more custom etched mirrors over the last month or so. Check it out & get in touch for custom mirror/glass options. Thanks! Custom Etched Mirrors - Etsy Shop Custom Etched Mirrors - Etsy Shop
  5. Hey all, just letting you know that I make custom etched 12x12 mirror with album art. Check my ebay or e-mail me for custom work. Thanks. http://www.ebay.com/sch/glass_master5/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  6. 6 new lathe cut LP's under my Gristlejaw Pressing Co. moniker. These have been on order since mid-March and am very happy they finally arrived. This time around, all Clutch and Clutch-related. Each record is a one-off original (one copy). I did the art/design...modeled after the original CD release and formatted it for vinyl. I used promo CDs from the same era for the demos, unreleased tracks and outtakes.Therese we cut in stereo by Twin Hill Studio on 180 gr. vinyl, I'll post more photos and detailed descriptions on my site: Lathe Junkie (https://www.facebook.com/groups/lathe.junkie/) when
  7. Lathes DO NOT sound like crap IF you go to the right lathe cutter who has the experience and right tools. I have 20 different lathes in my vinyl collection and each one sounds good to excellent. NOT ONE of my lathes I've listened to and think...this needs a recut. I fully back Audio Geography and Twin Hill for making great, Hi-fidelity stereo lathes.
  8. Another site lists the 2xLP release date as 04/16/16. Searching around also revealed that the CD (which has been out of pint for years) is also slated to be re-released by a different UK label on 03/11/16.
  9. I did the artwork. Twin Hill Studios in FL did the lathes and jackets.
  10. The test press you speak of was nearly the same track list as the ...Is Dead LP with 2 extra songs and without the unlisted untitled track. The electric songs were never released either. I have those collected on a 10" lathe from earlier in the year.
  11. A couple of lathe cuts i had made recently (under the gristlejaw pressing co. moniker). 1 copy only of each record. I finally have Clutch's Transnational on LP! Also included here Clutch LP with demos, outtakes and promo-only live songs with adapted artwork from a promo CD from that era. Rumbleseat "Demonstration" LP with unreleased songs and demos found as Hidden tracks on the...is dead CD. Crustaceans was a Gainesville band that featured Samantha Jones (Rumbleseat, Bitchin', vanbuilderass).
  12. Just got in some new one-off 7" lathe cut records I had made (under The Gristlejaw Pressing Co. moniker). This time around i used Audio Geography http://www.audiogeography.com/. Kudos to Tyler Bisson who did a great job cutting these; they sound incredible. The Bakerton Group (feat. members of Clutch) - Space Guitars (1st 3-song CD) The Bakerton Group - Bill Proger's Galaxy b/w live 2 live songs (to accompany a future lathe cut of El Rojo CD for LP+7") Radon - Cock Among Us 7" (live misfits covers from We Bare All CD) Samantha Jones (rumbleseat, cassette, bitchi

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