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  1. filthyrich

    R.E.M. - Document on gold vinyl

    For the early IRS pressings, try to get the translucent ones.... They sound great! They'll be a different color when held up to the light.
  2. By "great," do you mean "much better than the current non-colored presses, which sound like hot garbage"? Or are you just saying "great" like, "It's on vinyl, so it's great!!" Honestly, I sold my 1989 RSD when the prices got stupid because, as multiple people pointed out, TS vinyl is notorious for being poorly mastered. Basically the CD, but noisier.
  3. Like that deluxe CD edition we were promised 10 years ago??
  4. Yeah, meant Facelift. Although the MOV of Dirt is no great shakes. A new VMP mastering is bound to be better.
  5. Wish is my preference, but yes.... Odd that the Cure can't be bothered to reissue anything post-Disintegration. (Besides Greatest Hits and remix albums??)
  6. I mean, they didn't ask for my opinion, but.... Alice In Chains - Dirt or Tripod The Cure - Wish David Gray - White Ladder Fiona Apple - any after Tidal Toad The Wet Sprocket - any Mars Volta - any (good ones plz) Robyn - Robyn or Body Talk (I can't be alone in wanting copies for less than $300 each) Frank Ocean - any (official presses plz) But yeah, they should probably keep trying for SFTD too.
  7. Got an email from NIN this morning, checked it again. No mention of exclusive white vinyl, or Merchbar, or any link to obtain it. I'm suspecting I get the "exclusive white vinyl" email sometime later today, long after all copies are gone. This shit is getting old, Trent. But between this and the "physical" ticket method, I'm gonna be saving a bundle by not supporting NIN this year.
  8. Saw it this morning.... went to make coffee.... came back 20 minutes later.... GONE.
  9. One of several 90s soundtracks where the album is much MUCH better than the film itself. Possibly coincidence, but U2 are playing HMTMKMKM on this tour for the first time in.... Two decades??
  10. Agreed that this VMP Doggystyle is probably a step up over the current press, but 45 RPM alone doesn't matter as much as the mastering itself... and I'm assuming this was cut from digital, so there's a limitation right there. The 2LP Rumours was mastered all-analog, by two of the best guys in the biz (Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray), and pressed at 45 RPM, so that's basically a high-water mark for audiophile quality. Unknown engineer cutting Doggystyle from hi-rez digital.... might fall short.
  11. Top ticket price for ATL is $145 (before fees), so.... No joke. Trent's getting paid. (Not that I'm contributing. Sorry Trent, can't afford to drive 8 hours round trip just to *possibly* get tickets....)
  12. filthyrich

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    It's the Titanic. It's unsinkable.
  13. filthyrich

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    Ordered. Amazing it's selling so quick considering the button wasn't even working for a while. AAAAAND.... SOLD OUT!!
  14. filthyrich

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    I'm that weird guy who likes them both, I guess. But there was a very similar situation when Deja got released after years of being OOP and going for $300. Folks acted like the $25 version wouldn't stay in print forever and lost their minds to get copies right away, and sure enough there WERE lots of stock outages for a spell. I'm guessing if you want O in the next few months, it would be better to preorder now. If you don't mind waiting, there should be plenty of stock around come Christmas and probably discounted below $30. That said, MFFF never really came down much in price. The current Amazon price is what it sold for initially.