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  1. If this is anything but wishful thinking on SRC's part I'll actually pony up $45 for a CD in 2019.
  2. Yeah, in hindsight my double-LP gold promo version of Gold Experience is gonna wind up the most valuable record I own. Amazing the 3 corporations that own all music ever recorded can't get their shit together in 2019, but there you go. Doubly frustrating about Black Album since it was on that now-laughable "coming soon" vinyl reissue list from years ago. Weren't some sites taking preorders?
  3. Shortly after the (original) reissue campaign was announced, I was lucky to find OP versions of GB and Batman for $20 apiece. Very glad I snagged them as the original preorders got cancelled thereafter and it doesn't look like either of those are coming anytime soon. Still a bit confused why the Batman 12" singles got reissued by WB in 2017... but not the album itself. Seems a big missed opportunity there. And speaking of opportunities missed..... Sony decides to release a promo cassette on vinyl, along with Prince's bloated 3-CD set that used to go for $5 used AND one of his weaker contract filler WB albums. Not released: Love Symbol, Black Album, Come, and Gold Experience.... which all go for $50-$300 apiece now.
  4. And yet 99% of all musicians don't, including practically EVERYONE who recorded music for major labels before the era of "give away music for free, make it back on monetizing brand." (Lookin' at you, Chance The Rapper.) I mean, Paul McCartney spent DECADES trying to get the rights to his masters. The Stones are worth several billion and they STILL don't own anything before 1971. Metallica was smart enough to get back their masters when they negotiated a new contract with their existing label.... It seems a no-brainer that Taylor would do the same. Methinks she got an INSANE deal from a rival label that more than offsets her ownership of her masters, but in a classic Swifty-T move, she's going on social media to act like the victim anyway and win the war of public support.
  5. TWO sure-fire, can't-miss, super-hyped, no-promotional-expense-spared singles released from the new TS album......... TWO singles that both missed #1 thanks to "Old Town Road." I knew Swifty-T would fall off the mountain eventually. Just didn't expect it would be at the hands of a 20-year-old kid, an old NIN sample, and the guy who did "Achy Breaky Heart."
  6. I love how Swifty-T already predicted the lackluster response to her first single and had a response track ready to go.....
  7. Love how we're talking about an episode of TV that first aired 8 years ago, on the BBC. (WAY before the Netflix deal....) ANYWAY. If you're actually caught up, watch the Miley episode in question. It wasn't my personal favorite but I love how the whole thing works as a NIN in-joke.
  8. Really??? It's way closer to my personal tastes than some of the lists on here. Maybe SSFDL is a little low (should probably be ahead of the new album). That's about it. The list someone posted that had High Violet dead last?? Why you even listen to National, bro??
  9. When your team spends $500K on the single rollout and you come in second to a kid on a laptop doing cowboy voices over old NIN samples....
  10. Except Prince got there 7 years earlier.
  11. The Collective: How dare they price gouge like that-- Port o Sound: [counting money] Gone.
  12. These guys HAVE to do a better job with flippers. Just called... One guy bought all 6 of their Dylans a half hour ago....