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  1. I think I have Variants #4 & 5 out of /100 (approx). Saw her play solo in a room that held maybe 50.... She was sold out of the tour variant or I would've snagged that too. Still waiting for 6131's elusive "Plays Quietly Without Pops Or Clicks" variant.
  2. The QRP August is either between pressings (which has happened before) or is OOP. Either way, smart move on grabbing via VMP. AP also needs to repress both their versions of Pet Sounds while they're at it....
  3. If this doesn't sum up the Taylor Swift marketing strategy, I'm not sure what does.
  4. The fact that the guy who once screamed "God is dead/ And no one cares," while writhing on the floor in S&M bondage gear, just composed a perfect 1930s musical pastiche of a score in 2020 is.... mind-blowing.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I spent one very long, very fruitless Friday, driving to 5 different Targets who all had "6 copies in stock" according to their website, and none on their actual floor for sale. (I guess I should've looked in children's clothes, in hindsight.) And during a pandemic, at that. Not a good idea all around. So I will gladly order multiple copies of this online, and let Target deliver to me, rather than dealing with humanity yet again. And yes, multiple copies.... because I've been a PJ fan for 19 years, and if I've learned anything, it's that anythin
  6. Yeah, apparently all of the $20-25 vinyl reissues use the same digital mastering going back to the 80s (done by George Horn). The only difference is the color. Different outlets sell different variants each year: VMP did one, as did Kohl's, Cracker Barrel (!!), and I think UO has done 3 or 4 by now. If you want all-analog, this is the only one to get, and it's gonna set you back $150+ at this point. (The 45 RPM version of this is even pricier.) But you might get lucky and find one cheaper! Check UPCs! https://www.discogs.com/Vince-Guaraldi-Trio-A-Charlie-Brown-Christmas/release/6
  7. Seems like Fantasy licenses a couple of colored variants of the same (digital-sourced) version every year. Meanwhile, the one AAA pressing that sounds amazing keeps getting more and more expensive: https://www.discogs.com/Vince-Guaraldi-Trio-A-Charlie-Brown-Christmas/release/6355463
  8. Best deals/best sales: --Original presses of Pearl Jam's Ten and Garbage's debut for $12 each, which I don't plan to sell. --The 2008 press of Sara Barielles' Little Voice for $10 at a record show, before she did a repress... Put it up for $200 on Discogs a day later and it sold within hours. Probably could've priced it higher. --The first Whiskeytown 7" (Angels EP) and their split 7" with Neko Case... Paid $2 apiece back in the 90s, sold them some years back (before Ryan got cancelled) for $200 each. --And very old-school, but I grabbed the definitive AAA press of Goodbye
  9. This might sound churlish, but could Dave take a break from the endless releases of live box sets to FINALLY put out an AAA reissue of Crowded Streets? The one that was promised years ago?? (That said, the Hampton show IS fantastic, with one of those old school setlists that reminds me of the shows I actually attended back in the 90s. My very first DMB show opened with that same epic Seek Up, actually.)
  10. Based on my search of four different Target stores hunting Pearl Jam last weekend, I'm gonna say they pressed 200K copies of T. Swift, as opposed to 5 of PJ.
  11. You're getting a double LP, cut all-analog, of an album that routinely went for $200+ for decades. (And that original press was cut from 44.1 kHz files.) You're also getting an extra LP of unreleased songs, also cut all-analog. And you're paying slightly more than the cut-from-digital 2LP release that's now standard for every single major artist. (Even the ones who could EASILY afford to go AAA.) But yeah, you do you.
  12. I was a 10C member all the way back in the early 90s (and I have the Christmas singles to prove it). Eventually I left, probably around the time they took 2 years to ship a Christmas single. But I rejoined in the 2010s and got a handful of good deals (nice discount on the Vs box, grabbing the now expensive fist Vault release). I never got lucky with any of the super-limited drops though. I DID score on that RSD Mystery Vinyl sale, though, so I can't complain. But in the end, I live in a part of America that's not Chicago/Boston/Philly/NYC/Hawaii/the West Coast. Meaning Pearl Jam ba
  13. My local store got these in last Friday (when I was picking up the Prince set). Unless you absolutely need to buy the Mellon Collie box from the official site, copies are gonna be everywhere and plentiful for a while, at lower prices.
  14. If this is anything but wishful thinking on SRC's part I'll actually pony up $45 for a CD in 2019.
  15. Yeah, in hindsight my double-LP gold promo version of Gold Experience is gonna wind up the most valuable record I own. Amazing the 3 corporations that own all music ever recorded can't get their shit together in 2019, but there you go. Doubly frustrating about Black Album since it was on that now-laughable "coming soon" vinyl reissue list from years ago. Weren't some sites taking preorders?

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