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  1. Ughhhhhhhhhhh! You ready for us to beat you in basketball for the 6th straight time? For those who have PM'd me i'm going through all of them now.
  2. Come the Summer I will be heading off to Arizona to attend Arizona State University. Being an out of state student, i'll be putting myself in major debt so I could really use some extra cash by getting rid of all these records. I also have a used PSP and games that I'm looking to sell. If anyone is interested in that please PM me an offer for the PSP and i'll let you know what games I have for it. All prices are PPD 10 inch Horse the Band - Pizza EP (31/550) - $30 12 inch v/a (Cap'n Jazz) - We've Lost Beauty - $10 Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha - $8 Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream
  3. I have a copy of Horse the Band - Pizza EP 10" (31/550) that i'm looking to sell. It comes in the pizza box, with the coupon song list, and the little pizza table. Please PM me offers. Pictures will be provided upon request, after an offer is made.
  4. Hahaha. Unfortunately I don't have any old LP mailers and don't plan on receiving any since I'm trying to sell all my records for money for school. Do they sell LP mailers at the post office or do you need to buy them online? The pizza box idea is pretty good.
  5. I know there is a thread for this somewhere, but I couldn't find it in the search since "how," "to," and "lp" are not eligible words in the search function since they are not at least 4 words long. Everytime I go to mail an LP I spend like $6 bucks. Usually $2-3 for media mail and the rest for packaging. The packaging I use is a bubble taped envelope type package. It costs me like $3-4. What's a cheaper way to ship out LP's and 7" records?
  6. no worries. there is a lot of stuff in that list i would buy if i didnt already own. good luck! Thanks!
  7. Syracuse is a private school so that'd be just as bad as going out of state hahaha. I'm actually looking to be a sports agent so I'm not really looking for anything with supply chain management (ASU is actually the best school for that). I'm just looking to major in management and head off to law school to spend even more money! Just so I can show that I have knowledge with contracts. So dumb.
  8. I want to head out to the west coast and they're ranked 25th in the country for my major, management.

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