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  1. When did he restock it? I'm trying to get this.
  2. Yea, we may see Sounds of Salvation, but I don't think we're going to see Pollyanna or Is This Thing Loaded?
  3. American Football and Owls. I haven't seen Cap'n Jazz anywhere and I haven't looked for Ghosts and Vodka. You forgot about the following bands though... Owen Make Believe The Promise Ring The One Up Downstairs I think that's it.
  4. Does anyone know if there are any Northstar LP's out there?
  5. I guess you just don't have this one in stock, huh?
  6. I saw somewhere on here that someone preordered this LP. Anyone know where I can order or preorder it?
  7. It's a Yamaha Auto Return P-350 Anyone know what size belt I'd need for this model?
  8. Hope you get it up and running! I just need to find out what size to buy. I know the model of the record player but can't find any information on it.
  9. A search function so you can find every vinyl release by the band/artist
  10. Does anyone know where I can find a belt for a record player? I found a record player in my attic this weekend, but it needs a new belt. Anyone know of any places that sell these?

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