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  1. Beautiful singing. I love the Ted Leo version of this song.
  2. So I did a lot of work on this tonight. Roam the site and give me some comments/suggestions/etc. please. The current link is http://www.freewebs.com/outsidethevenue
  3. Correction. I just bought a month's worth of this premium service on freewebs, so I'm working on the site right now as we speak!
  4. The site will begin as soon as I figure out a way to transfer the money from my old sites paypal account (that isn't set up to a bank account) to my paypal account.
  5. So the guy who does Your Scene Sucks also has a clothing company called Fullbleed where he just released his season 6 shirts http://www.dobi.nu/fullbleed/ I think i'm going to get "Leaving" and "Identity Theft."
  6. Owen 4 LP deal from polyvinyl Owen - The EP on vinyl Some posters of Owen albums Some clothes Some other Mike Kinsella related things And whatever else I can think of My birthday is actually December 10th so I get double the presents!
  7. You never know, Triple Crown may find a box of 3000 laying around. Or maybe they'll just repress it?
  8. Brand New - Deja Entendu on vinyl. It's a longshot since it's so rare, but I can wish, can't I?
  9. What don't you like about the image? I think it's nice, sans the text. Do you have just the background image? If not, what are you going for? What's the URL to your website? I could google it and maybe I will, but I'm headed to a meeting in a moment. I don't think it's all that great. I'm going for an image that includes the name and gives off a city feel or "outside the venue" feel.
  10. Check the Sale board. Someone from the UK is selling a Mike one (12 / 50), I referred him to you. Already posted in there. Thanks though.
  11. Already have it I was also going to buy the Mike Kinsella from this fine man, but I wasn't able to make it to the bank this weekend, but I know someone else who's selling me their photo
  12. Owen/The City on Film 7" w/ tour poster and limited photos
  13. Dude that's sad. I honestly listen to a big fat 0% of these bands, and haven't even heard of those who are bolded! Oh man, that's horrible. You're just too punk for these bands/artists, huh?
  14. No, but I have Control and i'd be willing to sell that.
  15. Well there are other jobs that could be done that don't have to do with the content, if you're interested.
  16. Does anyone have the skills to make a better image than this

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