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  1. mailing or email? I'm looking for a type of messenger. But if you don't have it, don't give me an email, i'll just use PM's through here.
  2. Haha, yes they are. Probably the happiest band i've ever heard.
  3. Please, those who are interested, if you have AIM, msn, or yahoo messenger, please PM me your addy!
  4. $8.50 for How the Midwest Was Won $11.50 for Cap'n Jazz/Friction split
  5. Yea, one of these records went for $30 less than a month ago on ebay. It'll also be combined shipping. More money saved!
  6. So I have been keeping my eye on 2 Cap'n Jazz records that have been on ebay in the past few days, knowing that they end tonight. The whole time they've been up, little bidding has been done. So in the end, I ended up scooping them both up for a total of $20 + shipping. I'm stoked, since I was ready to spend $45 total for these 2 records last week.
  7. I also thought about a lot of people on here when I saw the orgcore punker.
  8. Some CD's I received recently to review: The Good Life - Help Wanted Nights Iron & Wine - The Shepherd's Dog The Go! Team - Proof of Youth Dntel - Dumb Luck Castanets - In the Vines
  9. Well i'm looking for about 1 a week. Would that be possible?
  10. Hmm, would you be able to estimate the number of albums you could review in a month?
  11. For those of you who said yes.... After owning a webzine for almost 2 years, I realized I was covering stuff that I wasn't into anymore and decided it was time to call it quits. But now I want to start another for mainly the what is now called "indie" bands/artists. So I am looking for reviewers, interviewers, news posters and what not. I know this board if filled with a lot of older people who work full time or go to school full time so I don't know how lucky i'll get from this. But hey, it's worth a shot. So if that sounds interesting to you, let me know. Of course you'll be rewarded, CD's for reviewers, tickets to shows for the interviewers, a pat on the back for the news posters.
  12. If you like a good percentage of these bands/artists please let me know. I have an offer to make to those of you who do. The Album Leaf American Football Andrew Bird Au Revoir Simone Beck Ben Kweller Billie the Vision & the Dancers Bishop Allen Bright Eyes Cap'n Jazz Cassino Chris Garneau Chris Koza The City on Film Cursive Damien Jurado Damien Rice Fjord Rowboat Girl Talk The Go! Team The Good Life I'm From Barcelona Iron & Wine Jason Anderson Jens Lekman Joan of Arc Josh Rouse Kevin Devine Kind of Like Spitting Liam Frost Maps and Atlases Matt Costa Matt Pond PA Menomena Mock Orange Mogwai Nada Surf The New Pornographers The Newfound Interest in Connecticut Okkervil River Old Canes The One Up Downstairs Owen Owls Oxford Collapse Pablo Pedro the Lion Pete Yorn The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers Reubens Accomplice Right Away, Great Captain! Rocky Votolato Ryan Adams The Shins Sigur Ros Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Sparklehorse Stars Sufjan Stevens Ted Leo Wilco Wintersleep Wolf Parade Zookeeper
  13. Dude, someone is selling a Made Believe 7" in the trade section. I don't know if you have it or want it or not, but I thought I would mention it. Thanks for letting me know, but I already have it. Also Mike Kinsella isn't in Make Believe But I do appreciate you informing me!
  14. I have two test presses and the highest I paid for one was like 25 maybe? I guess no one likes Joan of Arc.
  15. What'd you get? From where? Record on white, picture of Bob or Mike (I got Bob but I traded), and a tour poster. Got it from Red Cars go Faster (label in Italy).
  16. Glad I pre-ordered mine. Got so much more for only a few extra bucks.

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