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  1. The reason why people probably don't mention it is because the One Up Downstairs is FAR inferior to either American Football or Owen. Having said that, I still like it. I just would never suggest that to someone just getting into MK's music for the first time. I'm not telling him to listen to that now, if you thought that's what I was saying. I was stating that if he likes the albums I suggested and he goes on to listening to Owls, Joan of Arc, and Cap'n Jazz, that he shouldn't forget about The One Up Downstairs.
  2. I don't think so since only the pre-orders are on white, supposedly.
  3. Kyle, two things. First, what is your music blog? Second, what is a good album to start with to check out Mike Kinsella. You speak greatly of him so I want to sample some of his stuff. Unfortunately I recently just stopped with my webzine after a year and half. I was really covering stuff that I just wasn't into anymore. I do plan on starting a new site that will cover a lot of "indie" bands/artists. As for Mike Kinsella albums to check out, I'd start off close to what Scott said: 1. American Football - American Foobtall 2. Owen - I do perceive. 3. Owen - At Home With Owen Also, don't forget about one of his bands, The One Up Downstairs. A lot of people forget about this band/don't know about this band since they only recorded 3 songs and they were never put on a 7" or a CD. However you can get the "album" on itunes. All the songs on it are amazing.
  4. They said it should be in the e-store on Monday, but it's now Tuesday.
  5. sorry man, i love this record. i am trying to collect all variations of it. Fair enough.
  6. Does anyone else know where I can pick this up besides HMV Japan since my internet is not translating the site haha.
  7. I think it would be more meaningful if you try to find out what the persons into and what they collect and try to give them a record that they can use. In example if someone was a Braid collector you can get them a record they don't have (as long as it doesn't kill the pocket) Just an idea.
  8. I think it should be strictly vinyl gifts if this hasn't been suggested already.
  9. So what made you all choose the number you chose? I came up with my number, 731, this post that Virgil made was number 731.
  10. Vents is there anyway I can take that copy of American Football off your hands?
  11. sorry man, not trying to be a dick. can you imagine how happy i was when i found it, though? if you are ever in ann arbor michigan, you should stop by encore records. i have found some of the best scores ever there. another reason i am happy i am moving back to michigan next year. I was just messing with you. I don't think i'll go to Michigan anytime soon.
  12. I see it on ebay a lot but I always just forget to bid on it, so I'll get it from there one day since it goes for relatively cheap.
  13. i found a used copy on blue at a record store about a year and a half ago. it was only $6.........score! Don't rub it in :'(
  14. I actually would rather have the 180g in this case. Not always though. As time goes by, the OOP records value will go up more, so I don't want to be broke when I get them haha.
  15. Me too. I'm pursuing to pick it up on green or blue before I get the 180 gram.
  16. I only have about 40 more records/CD's to get hahaha.
  17. I just made a google spreadsheet of all my Mike Kinsella records, CD's, and other stuff. Check it out here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p4_j_FpGr7CA7-dfKIyX6EQ If you have any Mike Kinsella (Owen, American Football, Owls, Joan of Arc, and Cap'n Jazz) records that I don't have and are willing to give them up, please let me know.
  18. Are these 2 available? V/A Ghost Dance 2x7 (w/ braid, cap n jazz, indian summer, etc.) (Slave Cut) V/A Its A Punk Thing, You Wouldnt Understand (Cap N Jazz, Friction, Smoking Popes, etc) (Shakefork)
  19. Do places take CD's with a whole punched through the barcorde or a sharpie line through the bardcode? I get a bunch of promo CD's and almost all of them have this.
  20. I actually just got it today. My friend got it for me when she went to his show on Thursday. It was supposedly the last copy he had.

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