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  1. I'm looking for a web designer to make a layout for my new webzine. So if you are a web designer or know someone who's a web designer, let me know please. Thanks!
  2. I will, for sure...gonna call 'em once I get my ass up in the mornin'. How did it go?
  3. So is it safe to say it's the original pressing?
  4. Rockies in 4, to go 25 for 26. I'd love to see this.
  5. People need to just stop making labels and let downloading music be legal. I've done plenty of interviews where the artists say they support downloading music since they don't get much from it anyway.
  6. Yea, nothing is better than interviewing your favorite musician and then have him tell you he's going to give you a copy of one his rarest records. He also let me listen to one of his songs by his band with his wife, Shirts and Skins. I can't wait for them to put out their EP.
  7. I don't think he gets much shit at all...everyone always, ALWAYS has nice things to say about him. It's ALWAYS Tim who gets shit...even in Chicago. People get Tim and Mike mixed up a lot and just end up giving both of them shit. But what I meant was, at shows everyone is an asshole and just ignores him while he's playing at they just talk to their friend next to them. I was getting so pissed last night when people were rudely just talking as if no one was on stage.
  8. Oh I was. The guy gets too much crap, when he's truly a great guy.
  9. So last night I went to go see Mike Kinsella (Owen), Kevin Devine, and Andy Hull at Southpaw in Brooklyn. After Mike performed, I interviewed him for my webzine. We got on the topic about Cap'n Jazz's LP and I told him I've been looking for a copy now for a while. He said he has an extra copy at his mom's house that he'll give to me and only make me pay how much the shipping is. God I love this guy in a non gay way.
  10. i really feel like this was a mistake.. I emailed Triple Crown and it's not, so they say.
  11. I'd love to get my brother a copy for his birthday, so if anyone happens to grab one at one of their shows, I'll pay for it.

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