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  1. Sojourn

    Record Store Day 2017

    Yep Bull City had free burgers and Ponysaurus!
  2. I had just gone through their albums last week and wished they would press some reissues. Spooky.
  3. Yep mine showed up over the weekend.
  4. Sojourn

    KING DUDE - Sex

    The preorder is up on Bandcamp now. http://notjustreligiousmusic.bandcamp.com/album/njrm-017-king-dude-sex
  5. Thanks! Ordered a clear copy as well.
  6. Infinity Cat has some copies of the tour split 7" in case anyone missed picking one up. http://infinity-cat-recordings.myshopify.com/collections/turn-to-gold-related/products/diarrhea-planet-music-band-life-pass-green-lights-tour-only-7
  7. Sojourn

    Record Store Day 2016

    Huh, my local shop posted a picture of their copies.
  8. Preorders are live now: http://mylenesheath.com/pg/preorders
  9. Sojourn

    FS: Converge and DW Test Presses, etc.

    I'd be interested in some Bossk or Heiress tests!
  10. Relapse listed their MDF pressing the other day: lhttp://www.relapse.com/whales-leeches-deluxe-lp-mdf.html It's adequately priced to boot!
  11. Spun my Terzij de Horde today, what a great album!